‘Nigeria Needs to Embrace Foreign Businesses’


Ayodeji Ake

The director of Africa Canada Trade Investment Ventures, Mr. Kenneth Oguzie has called on Nigeria government and business owners to explore foreign businesses, especially in Canada.

During an interview on his visit to Nigeria in preparation for a two-day summit to hold in Canada come March 23 and 24, 2019, he noted there are businesses that can attract and grow average Nigerian businesses.

“Nigerians can import and export to increase the country’s GDP as Canada is home to world-class businesses in multiple sectors ranging from agriculture and agribusinesses, unique beverages, health foods, information and communication technologies, ocean technologies to Oil and Gas services.

“Most of exports to Canada consist of mineral fuels and oils, cocoa, rubber, agricultural products, lead and processed foods. There are also opportunities for increased export especially in the areas of Agriculture and Agro-business.

“Products such as ginger, palm kernel oil, cocoa butter, shea butter etc. are also been imported from West Africa including Nigeria, to Canada” he said.

He also revealed he has provide expertise to businesses across regions to develop the business sector and not relenting until positive development in the business sector.

“As an individual and the Director of African Canada Trade and Investment ventures (ACTIV), a leader in building business bridges between Canada and Africa and connecting businesses, we provide business expertise to businesses across both regions as a result of our extensive and in-depth knowledge and understanding of both markets, including regulations, culture and access to decision Makers within the private sector as well as Government” he said.