Pam Accuses Cleric of Plotting to Destabilise Plateau


Chinedu Eze

A member of the Church of Christ in Nation (COCIN), Dr. Simon Dalyop Pam, has accused the President of COCIN, Rev. Dacholom Datri, of dabbling into politics and inciting the congregation of the church against the Plateau State Government to destabilise the state.

In a letter he addressed to Datri, which was made available to THISDAY yesterday, Pam said that as a devoted member of COCIN he had to pick the courage to write to the president because of his interest in the peace and unity of Plateau State.

He advised the COCIN president to stay away from partisan politics, which is divisive and breeds acrimony among the people.

“It is no longer a secret in Plateau State, Nigeria and the world over that you are taking undue advantage of your position to embark upon large scale partisan politics by sponsoring and driving a campaign against the All Progressives Party (APC) in favour of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Without having to make an effort, it is easily discernable that in the history of COCIN presidency, no one has ever let loose his partisanship as you,” Pam alleged.

He accused the COCIN president of being dictatorial and inciting the members of the congregation to give ministration that has political undertones aimed at inciting people against the ruling party in the state.

Pam noted the delicateness of religion and the conflagration it could cause if misapplied and raised the alarm over the safety of the people he is sending out to foment trouble by creating animosity while preaching the word of God.

“I am compelled to tell you that not only COCIN members, but the Plateau people now know that you are hiding behind the veil of COCIN to promote an ethnic agenda. You and top politicians from your area are promoting the Berom agenda aimed at bringing down other ethnic nationalities on the Plateau”.

Pam said the consequence of using the church to incite the people has led to division in COCIN along political lines.

“The Church is no longer one. It will take your successor, if he is not like you, great efforts to reunite COCIN,” he said.

Pam also alleged that Datri introduced inter- denominational conflicts by pitching COCIN against other denominations, especially the Catholic Church, adding that this has led to some other denominations to follow his bad example.

“You have exhibited sign of ingratitude to the government of Plateau State and COCIN members who are APC. COCIN has the largest number of commissioners and other appointments in Plateau state government,” Pam added.