Argentina FA Demands ‘VIP’ Treatment for Messi from Morocco

Lionel Messi - FC Barcelona

Lionel Messi - FC Barcelona

Femi Solaja with reports

Following the expected return of Lionel Messi back to the national team ahead of the forth coming South America version of Nations cup, Copa America, the Argentine FA has given Morocco Football Association, some strange conditions before the five-world footballer of the year will make the trip to North African nation

Morocco may be the first national team that Messi will be featured as the team is set for a prestige friendly match with Argentina on March 26, three days after a match against Venezuela.

Messi has not played for Argentina since the team got eliminated by France at the last World Cup finals in Russia and as part of preparations for the the continental competition this summer, AFA lined up two friendly matches for the team in the coming FIFA window.

However, the Argentine FA has set strange conditions for the Moroccans to be able to have a feel of Messi.

According to Spanish publication, Tribuna which cited another Spanish publication, Le 360 Sport, reported that the Moroccans must agree that no Moroccan player will be allowed to take pictures with Messi. Also, the media will not be allowed to take photographs of Messi.

Another condition is that journalists will not be able to interview Messi while the Moroccan players must be instructed to be more careful ‘around Leo’ who will play for only 60 minutes.

“Overall, Messi must be treated with respect and care on and off the pitch.”

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