Lawmaker Denies Dismantling Borehole after Losing Election


By David-Chyddy Eleke in Awka

A member of the House of Representatives and candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) for Awka North and South federal constituency, Hon Anayo Nebe, has denied that he was dismantling boreholes he constructed for the people of his constituency because they failed to vote for him.

There had been rumours making the rounds that the lawmaker was embittered about his inability to win election and had dismantled a borehole he drilled in Umuachalla, a community in Awka South, for his constituents after the people failed to re-elect him.

The rumour, which was mostly carried in the social media, was that he had vowed to dismantle all borehole projects he did for the people because of his failure to win the March 23 election.p

But when THISDAY visited Nebe in his Umuokpu home, he denied the rumour,  saying it was not true. He described the rumour as a wicked one, which was peddled by his political rivals.

He told THISDAY that he had over 24 borehole projects in the federal constituency, and some of them were constructed when he was speaker of the Anambra State House of Assembly.

“Up till today, I am still maintaining the boreholes. What happened was that one of the boreholes I drilled at Umuachalla was bad, and the people of the area had tried to repair it, but could not, so I sent my people there to remove the ‘sumo’, which was identified as the problem, so we can change it and people started carrying rumour.

“If you go there now, you will see that we have already rectified the problem and even installed a new ‘sumo’ and the borehole is working perfectly,” he said.

Nebe said he had no reason to dismantle the borehole because he did not win an election, as God has been good to him through his political career.

“I cannot do that. I have been speaker, I was at the national conference and I am currently in the House of Representatives. You see that God has been good to me,” he said.

Nebe, who lost the Awka North and South federal constituency election to Chinedu Onwuaso of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in March 23 poll, said he will not challenge the outcome of the election in court.

Meanwhile, a visit to Umuachalla village in Awka showed that the borehole, rumoured to have been dismantled, has already been fixed, and the villagers were seen fetching water from them.

A villager, who spoke to THISDAY, confirmed that the borehole was sunk about 10 years ago, putting paid to rumours that the borehole was sunk just before the election.