Kaduna APGA, LM Governorship Candidates Declare Support for PDP


John Shiklam in Kaduna

Kaduna State governorship candidates of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Polycarp Gankon, and the Liberation Movement (LM), Ezekiel Habila, have stepped down and declared their support for the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Isa Ashiru.

Addressing a joint press conference yesterday in Kaduna, both candidates said after consulting with their members, they decided to step down from the race to join forces with the PDP in order to rescue the state from the numerous challenges.

Gankon called on his supporters to come out enmass to vote for the PDP in the governorship election scheduled for March 9.

“We appeal to our supporters not to be discouraged with the outcome of the presidential election, which was rigged in favour of the ruling party, we must be resolute and determined to come out enmass and vote PDP.

“We still have candidates contesting for state houses of Assembly for some constituencies and are still contesting; kindly support and vote for them but for the governorship we should all vote for PDP,” he said.

Also in his remarks, Habila said, the best thing to do is for stakeholders in other political parties to join hands and support the PDP in order to stop the ruling APC from the alleged massive rigging that occurred during the presidential election.

“In our opinion and those of our party members and teeming supporters, this is the best thing to do to move Kaduna State forward and checkmate effectively the reoccurrence of what happened during the presidential election in the state” he said.

Both candidates promised to mobilise material and human resources to support the PDP candidate to ensure his victory and urged the people of the state to do same