Mystery in New Drama Series, Flat 3B: Stuck(ed)


Yinka Olatunbosun

The narrative starts first with admiration before snowballing into apprehension. Nneka (Linda Ihuoma Ejiofor) wakes up in a strange apartment to find an attractive young man Niyi(Mawuli Gavor) making breakfast for her. Nneka cannot remember how she gets to the mysterious flat or how she ditched her party dress for Niyi’s denim shirt.

The conversation centres on Nneka’s effort at remembering the events of the previous night. Her friend Jessica has invited her for a bridal shower and that is all in her memory. Niyi fills her in on the missing lines, that is their lovemaking and her hang-over.

Torn by the discovery, Nneka wants to leave but finds out that the door had been locked from outside. In the second episode, she makes a frantic effort to get help by picking up a phone she finds on the rumpled couch. In a near sinister voice, Niyidemands for the phone and subsequently chases her around the apartment.

Eventually, Nneka locks herself in the bedroom, makes afrantic call to her ex-boyfriend before she is interrupted by another strange fellow, a lady with a party cone on her head, easing her weight off the wardrobe content where she had been sleeping for hours.

The lady has a mutual friend with Nneka in Jessica and she forms a cultural bond quickly with Nneka who also speaks Ibo. An ibo-speaking housekeeper comes to the door and having learnt of the trio’s predicament, promises to return with a key to open the door. This rouses suspicion in Niyi.

He begins to worry about that the duo may have set him up. That suspicion becomes heightened when Niyi stumbles upon a spy camera in the apartment. He is thrown into an episode of schizophrenic attack and becomes violent.
In self-defense, Nneka grabs a knife from the dinning table and continues to talk to Niyi to calm his nerves. Niyi seems calm, opens the door for Nneka to leave but unfortunately, she drops the knife suddenly, sending a wrong and dangerous vibe to Niyi.

With Emmanuel rushing in with police and Jessica consoling Nneka, the story takes a vicious turn, making the drama a pocket-sized horror piece.

Directed by Patrick Nkamiang, this suspense-filled story is created by Victor Sanchez Aghahowa with each episode lasting an average of 16minutes without commercials.