Female Lawyer Alleges Threat to Life, Petitions Lagos CP


A lawyer and the House of Assembly candidate for the Alliance National Party (ANP), Surulere Constituency 2, Lagos, Hon. Chioma Blessing Ferguson, has raised alarm over threat to her life and that of her supporters by a powerful politician in the area.

Already, Ferguson has petitioned the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Muazu Zubairu, alleging that her life and that of her teeming supporters are no longer safe.

The lawyer at a press briefing in GRA, Ikeja, said her predicament started when she refused to step down for the politician who is vying for the same position with her in another party.

She said: “I am a lawyer but I delved into politics to represent my people in Surulere Federal constituency. I was in the same political party with the man who is planning to eliminate me.

“I was given a House of Assembly ticket in our former party, but my mandate was stolen and given to another person. I did not want trouble, so I bought form for the House of Representatives, but a member was given my mandate without any reason. I saw the act as injustice, so I decided to leave the party and picked a form from another party.

“As I picked form from another party, my popularity swelled as people said they won’t vote party but individuals. The masses in my zone decided to support me, so I became a serious threat to the man who is after my life and that of my husband.

“He tried to malign my character, telling lies against me that I had stepped down for him, yet the people said they wanted me. He now started going to party leaders, telling them to prevail on me to step down for him, but he was not bold enough to meet me personally. I disregarded all his intimidation.

“Now that he is convinced that I won’t step down for him and that I have more supporters than him, he is after my life. He has told people that the only thing that is left for him is either I step down in peace or I will die.
“He has been trailing me all over the places I visited. Anywhere I go for consultation or campaign, he and his campaign director would be trailing me. They use unregistered cars to trail my supporters and I.

“I am calling on Commissioner of Police in charge of the state to urgently intervene and investigate the matter. I want the CP and well-meaning Nigerians to prevail on the politician to know that I have the right to life and to contest election in any political party that I want. I want him to know that he is not my creator and that he has no right to take someone else’s life.

The CP should come to my family’s rescue from the hands of the man and his supporters who have vowed to kill me before Saturday’s elections.

“I am a lawyer and a law-abiding citizen who respects the laws of the land and would not take laws into my hands. That is the reasons why I am crying to the police authority to come to my rescue.”