Disarm Armed Thugs to Avoid Bloodbath in Idanre, PDP Cries out


The campaign Coordinator of the Peoples Democratic Party’s candidate for Idanre/Ifedore federal constituency in Ondo State, Hon. Mayokun Akinmoladun, has raised the alarm over a planned attack by heavily armed thugs allegedly brought to attack opposition party members in Idanre town and its environs.

The Campaign body called on security agencies in the state to urgently step in to avert what it described as “impending bloodbath” should the thugs be allowed to carry out their evil agenda.

The group who is in charge of the federal and state elections campaign in the local government, in a statement on Monday, said Nigerians should hold accountable a top official of the ruling All Progressives Congress (namewithheld) for any breakdown of law and order in Idanre/Ifedore.

The statement accused the APC leader of importing the armed thugs into the towns alleging that while some of them are already inside Idanre, some are housed somewhere in Akure from where they would move in to unleash terror on the town.

“Credible information available to us shows the thugs have been mandated to attack some specific polling centres considered to be PDP strongholds on the day of election. The aim is to create a situation that would lead to cancellation of votes in the areas and foster the “Osun strategy” that would lead to inconclusive polls, thereby precipitating a situation of bye election that would possibly give them advantage.

“We are particularly worried at this latest development because (the APC stalwart) is a son of Idanre, we therefore wonder why he would want to wreck havoc on his hometown just because majority here have chosen to be with PDP.

“Ours is a civilized and peaceful community where everyone is free to exercise their freedom of choice. Hence, we in PDP do not see elections as a do-or-die affair.

“And that is why we are calling on Nigerians and the international community to help prevail on APC chairman in Ondo State to allow for peaceful and credible elections come Saturday.”