Abby Zeus’s Gospel of Boobs



South African based-Nigerian model, Abby Chioma Zeus, preaches the gospel of boobs. She is the founder of The Boobs Movement, an advocacy platform she uses to educate women on reasons they need to be proud of their boobs. Ferdinand Ekechukwu writes on her latest evangelisation

Ordinarily the sight of Abby Chioma Zeus could make a virile man happy. However, the South African based Nigerian further teases men with photos of her baring her ample bosom.

Famous for constantly posting nude and raunchy pictures on social media, this blogger, artist, model and influencer (according to her Instagram profile), had for the umpteenth time, attempted to break the internet. She shared stripped-down photos of herself posing completely naked on her Instagram page with just her hands covering her tits.

The 26 year old Zeus calls herself “body positivity activist.”

Earlier, the model, who is the founder of The Boob Movement, an advocacy platform she uses to educate women on reasons they need to be proud of their boobs, listed 10 reasons why men should love busty bosom.

Zeus declared: “There are women who dream of a full cleavage every hour of every day! Us busty babes may not be able to button our shirts all the way to the top, but we’ve got something to make up for it.

“Who doesn’t love big soft boobies? Babies love them, straight men, gay men, teens, girls with small boobs etc.

“Ever wondered why your man always falls asleep on your chest? That’s because tatas make the best cushions!

“You can hide anything in your bra.

Be it money, a cigar, your phone, bank cards, candy, all of it. It can all fit in your bra if it’s big enough.

“It’s easy to flirt

You don’t have to say much! Your boobs do the talking. Just smile and agree with them.

“When you cover up, it leaves people with mystery

Ever heard of the saying, ‘leave something to the imagination’? When you cover up big boobs, you leave a lot to the imagination. It’s a very alluring situation.

“You don’t need a lot of accessories

Big boobs are like an accessory all by themselves. You can save a hella lotta money by not buying so many neck pieces and big earing.

“They are fun to play with

Yes it’s true! Sometimes I pretend I’m a juggler lol. They move all around and it’s kinda fun. Try it!

“They look great in tight dresses. This will have guys lining up to talk to you!

“it’s warm in there in the winter time, even when it’s freezing cold, your boobs will always be a warm place to put your hands (if you’re wearing a bra).”

Last year, the leading force behind the Boob Movement had posted several unclad pictures of herself on social media to launch her brand.

According to her, she’s on a mission to make women embrace their body, especially their boobs and to flaunt it with freedom without fear of condemnation or low self-esteem. Zeus grew up hating herself for being gifted large bosom because her childhood peers taunted her to no end. But then, she has come to discover that her mother nature’s gift is a thing of pride and has thus boldly joined the campaign to encourage busty women all over the world to be proud of their gift.

Once responding to one of her followers, the busty boobs influencer who has a huge following on Instagram noted that her boobs has been big since the age of 13. According to her, “If you’re asking if my breasts are natural, yes, this is how I’ve looked since I was 13 years old. And I’m okay with it”. For Zeus, “the female body is the best work of art I know. I thank the artist every day of my life.”