Holding Up the Promise for a Sustainable Nigeria


By Nseobong Okon-Ekong

Trained originally as a geologist, Ahmed Buhari has since demonstrated competence as a business consultant, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and a politician.

Buhari declared his interest to run for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on October 1, 2016.
With family and friends from all over the country, he does not conform to the idea of State of Origin. Born and raised in Kontagora, Niger state, Ahmed obtained his West Africa Secondary School Certificate (WASSC) from Command Secondary School Kaduna where he was able to acquire the much-needed military experience and attributes; discipline, persistence, efficacy, integrity, commitment and straightforwardness.

Upon the demise of his father in 1993, he assumed the responsibility as the father to his younger ones and a companion to his mother at the young age of 15. He acquired a B.Sc. degree in Geology from the Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger state in 2005. After the necessary National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), he gained employment with an indigenous oil and gas company in Lagos state. Ahmed attended Cavendish College, London and bagged a Master’s Degree in International Trade and Marketing and then to Manchester Metropolitan University and got trained as a Geographic Information System and Spatial analyst.

He later joined the telecommunications industry and rose to the position of a Senior Business Development Manager.

In 2012, curiosity drove him to venture into what a long line of my family members have always been into; entrepreneurship, although in a more trendy approach. He started Skylar, Inc. a company focused solely on Information Technology (IT), networking, corporate branding, and Business consulting with staff strength of over 100 young people. The Ahmed Bee Foundation has been responsible and associated with social activities to support educational development in Nigeria.

The ‘Kids Can Code’ initiative, which targets young children in primary schools between the ages of 5 and 12. This activity ensures that young children are fully exposed to computer programming, software development, graphic designing and hardware assembling.

In 2016, the Ahmed Bee Foundation started the Coding for people living with disabilities. In a bid to expose them to other sources of income albinos, people living with blindness, deafness and affected limbs are welcome to the facility every fortnight to acquire free training.

Ahmed is the founder of the Reformation Movement, an agenda that has awakened the consciousness of young Nigerians across Nigeria to embrace themselves regardless of all those things that divide Nigerians. The organisation also focuses on educating young Nigerians on the need to be politically conscious and encourages youth participation in governance and democratic processes. He has also managed to imbibe the culture of volunteering in young people to start caring for the less privilege in the society.

Economic Policy

Improvement in the well-being of Nigerians is the
ultimate objective of Sustainable National Party’s (SNP) economic policy. The goal is to make the basic needs of life accessible to every Nigerian. The focus would be to create a
market-based economy driven by small and medium scale businesses and regulated by
a reformed public sector. At the very foundation of the above objective of the party is
the pursuit of a strong, virile and diversified economy built to stem rural urban
migration through investment in modern agricultural methods.

Food Security
Upon assumption of office, the SNP administration will declare a State of Emergency on
Hunger. The SNP understands that the current level of public spending on agriculture is far too low. Therefore, the party will aim to increase the overall
amount of budget on agriculture. This is of vital importance given the large role that agriculture plays in Nigeria. The SNP administration will strive to reach its goal of food self-sufficiency. Less emphasis will be put on food imports and more on domestic supply
to match the demand.
We need a productive work force and so we will order the immediate release of our
green reserves to help crash down price of food in our market temporarily.

Despite years of investment in agriculture development initiatives, Nigeria remains a country that cannot grow its own food and depends on massive importation of food items from less agriculturally endowed nations. The SNP has resolved to revitalise and modernize the farm settlement system to increase agricultural productivity, check rural-urban migration and make farming attractive as a profitable and prestigious occupation, to farmers and young school leavers.

The party will, under its agricultural scheme, embark on massive irrigation schemes by emphasizing small scale dams to provide irrigation water as well as promote aqua culture while equally stimulating agricultural research through a package of incentives to the universities of agriculture, as well as, other agricultural research institutions in Nigeria.

Stable Energy Supply
An SNP government will bring bold, ethical and dynamic
leadership to the development and management of the energy sector. Our goal will be to better manage our Oil and Gas resources by obtaining global standard agreements, rents and environmental terms with multinationals and local
companies operating in the sector and enforcing strict energy efficiency standards and regulations for all operators in the sector. By so doing, the party will increase the capacity of our nation to refine petroleum products. We will also ensure
delivery of time-bound targets in electricity generation, transmission, distribution and strict performance management to ensure the timely completion of new power

Sustainable National Party will develop and fully implement an Industrial Master Plan for Nigeria towards the realisation of massive youth employment. This will be complemented by an enhanced policy on research, science and technology which align Nigeria’s higher education system to the country’s industrial development priorities. Our Nigeria will be committed to addressing the problem of credit access and the attendant cost.

Empowering the Youth and Women
The youths and women are one of the greatest assets that any nation can have because they are the future leaders and a precious investment for a country’s development.
Sustainable National Party’s policies will not only envision positive youth development, but will equally target youth empowerment in order to address the
issues at stake. The party will work to create a conducive atmosphere where everyone can grow and become role models to the young and old alike.

Empowerment for Vulnerable Nigerians
Sustainable National Party will protect the rights of people with disabilities, ensuring funding to empower Nigerians with disabilities to participate in all spheres of life. The party will provide social support for the aged and other vulnerable
segments of the society to promote their wellbeing and avoid their abandonment or ill-reatment due to their inability to generate income for their upkeep

Wealth Creation
Sustainable National Party has a strong commitment to the creation of wealth as remedy to poverty. This will be achieved through massive industrialisation and commerce. We believe that there is a need for a cycle of wealth distribution that encompasses the entire country with no one left behind. We are also committed to developing a Nigerian state that guarantees continuous improvement in the living standards of its people by providing food security, shelter, healthcare services and potable water for all Nigerians and equitable access to social amenities, facilities, services and utilities.


One of the key issues faced by the Nigeria Police is poor information and communication capabilities. An average Nigerian Police man lacks the technology, skill, and organisation to effectively communicate on an operational level. Also, data
management systems used by the police are moribund, outdated and inadequate. As a result there is a dearth of accurate crime statistics, proper evidence documentation, storage and forensic technology. Over the years the Police Force has acquired a reputation for holding prisoners without trial, arbitrary arrest, extortion, torture, use of excessive force and even murder. As a result of failed policing, vigilante groups have arisen in various regions with their own agendas and mission. In addition, the military is stretched thin in its
efforts to enforce order nationally and regionally. The challenge of accessibility to proper healthcare is perhaps the greatest challenge facing our physical security against illness, with less than 35% of the population currently being served, despite
the establishment of the community health scheme. Infant and maternal mortality
are unacceptably. the world continue to take the lives of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children.

Protection Of Lives And Properties
Sustainable National Party will tackle crime and improve the security of lives and
property through the consistent pursuit of economic and social policies that
generate employment, foster cohesive communities and stabilize families. The party will also ensure the strategic reformation of the criminal justice administration as
well as upgrade and enhance law enforcement and security agencies including the

Securing National Integrity
The Sustainable National Party will pursue a foreign policy, guided by our interests as a sovereign nation and a developing economy with a focus to protect our territorial integrity and the welfare of Nigerians throughout the world, while simultaneously promoting our national interests. Our foreign policy undertakings will be routinely guided by the quest for concrete
outcomes that are in the best interest of the overwhelming majority of our people. Sustainable National Party shall focus specially on the West Africa sub-region because of the closeness of Nigeria’s historical and cultural ties to the peoples of the sub-region, the potentially easy-to, access large market for products and services of Nigerian firms that it represents, and the fact that instability in our immediate
neighborhood could easily spill over into Nigeria. The Party will do more to engage the Diaspora toinvest back into Nigeria. This the party will do by restoring their
hopes in our systems through the adoption of global best practices in the conduct of government business and by leveraging their already proven interest in
contributing to Nigeria’s development.