Vote for Individuals, not Parties, Theologians Tell Christians


Kayode Fasua

As Nigerians go the poll next Saturday to elect a new President and federal lawmakers, the Association of Christian Theologians (ACTS) has urged the Christian community not to vote on the basis of political parties, but according to the quality of their candidates.

In a statement issued in Lagos through its National President, Prof. Olakunle Macaulay, the ACTS expressed concern that some Christian clerics have desecrated the house of God by openly campaigning for or against politicians on the pulpit.

On the way to go during the election, the ACTS stated, “Christians should know that voting for a party is a great mistake, but voting for an individual is right. It is the individual that will represent you and give account of what happened in government office or parliament and he knows that if his stewardship is not good enough, his integrity is at stake.

“Let us allow election to be based on integrity of the individual and not on party. Who is this person wishing to represent us at the Senate or House of Representatives? Is he or she known to us? What has he done to the community to be trusted that he will do better? We need to know.”

The body of theologians also cautioned Christians against political debauchery such as vote buying and selling, and joining the political bandwagon, urging that they should allow the Holy Spirit to guide them on where their votes should go.

“Politics in Nigeria is politics of deceit; hence people want to buy votes, whereas election should be based on the credibility of the representatives. Many people vote for the party that cannot speak for them, “the ACTS observed.

Besides, the body took a swipe at men of God who mount the pulpit to do the bidding of politicians, especially for pecuniary reasons.

“Church leaders have the right to tell Christians they lead, how to vote and not who to vote for. Let us, for the first time in the history of Nigeria, allow the Holy Spirit to work through all eligible Christians; to vote according to the Spirit in them, and not as they are persuaded or influenced by some external factors,” the ACTS advised.