Valentine Day’s Glimpse of 3Some Play


Yinka Olatunbosun

The 3some play fever is in the air this Valentine season in Lagos as night crawlers will slow down the city’s tempo with quickened heartbeats at the Crave Lounge, Hamilton Hotel, Lekki where the Hamilton Valentine’s Day Strip Party revvs up from February 13 till the dawn of the Valentine’s day.

Featuring the lead character in the 3some Play, Marvelous Dominion, the rare strip party is a sketch of the whole dramatic piece written by Jude Idada. The strip scene in the psychotherapeutic play is one of the most controversial scenes in contemporary theatre today for its adult content and verisimilitude.

Clad in sheer bodysuit, the character appears nude from a distant, with her anatomy teasing the minds of members of the audience. Other members of the cast will be at the lounge on the eve of lovers’ day.

Written for the purpose of strengthening marriages and relationships, the play’s fluidity of performance style will be put to test at the lounge which is an unconventional space for its performance.

The strip scene is perhaps the most difficult part of the play because it depends largely on special effects, light, sound and other technical details. Whichever way the play is executed, the titillating performer leaves little for the viewer’s imagination.