Church Gives Helping Hands to Rural Dwellers


Rebecca Ejifoma

Cedars House of Grace recently extended a helping hand to the people of Ilasan Community in Lekki, Lagos, when it took medical experts from various fields to the community for free medical test and treatment.

According to the Senior Pastor of the church, Niyi Eboda, the outreach was flagged off during the opening of its new branch at The Grand Atrium Ilasan, Lekki Lagos on February 3 this year.

“Part of what we were called to do in the body of Christ is to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world beyond the walls of the church. If you look at the ministry of Christ, it’s all about doing good and healing all from the afflictions of the devil,” he said.

Eboda further expressed that the primary assignment as the body of Christ is to reflect God’s word beyond the walls of the church. “We have medical consultants here who happen to be our members in Ibadan”.

They attended to over 200 beneficiaries with drugs like antibiotics, antimalarial, anti-hepathetis, worm expeller and syrup given to them, 200 glasses were shared among persons aged 40 and above who had difficulties reading.
Eboda, who noted that health issues is a common issue for everyone, described it as crucial, adding that if wealth is lost nothing is lost, but if health is lost, there is loss.

He said: “We reach out to the community and to those who can’t afford this quality of healthcare. Also, there are those who can afford it. They just don’t take time out to know their health statuses. So, we have come to give.”

His team pulled together medical consultants like pharmacists, Ophthalmologists, gynaecologists and more. “They are all members of our church. We have seen over a hundred. But we hope to see about 400 today”.

This free healthcare is part of what the gospel is about. Eboda said, adding that they are not called to be preachers of the word but to be witnesses. “We want men to glorify God in Heaven when they see our good works”.
Meanwhile, with branches in Ibadan, Abuja, South Africa, Ghana and more, the pastor said the need to establish the Cedars House of Grace became paramount.

“Our maiden service will hold on February 3 this year here in Lekki. It will be a banquet. We invite all to come especially those who are on transit and new in the neighborhood. This outreach to people is our joy and delight.”
Dentist and Head of Medical Team, Dr. Funmi Adeyemi, who disclosed that several beneficiaries tested HIV positive added: “We have seen different cases here today, dental problems, extractions have been done here; gum diseases; malaria, which is endemic in our environment; hypertension; diabetes; series of HIV positive we have tested here.”
Because Ilasan is a rural urban area where you have the high-earned and the low-earned co-habiting, Adeyemi concluded that it gives people a façade that everyone is medically sound when it’s on the contrary.

“We have attended to over 200 persons already and a lot more are still queuing and trooping in. This shows a big picture of what our health system is all about. All organisations need to arise and help the situation”.

Pauline Irugorhe, a mother of three and beneficiary said: “I did test for blood sugar. The doctor said everything about me is okay. But my children showed positive for malaria. The doctor gave me some syrup and tablet for them”.