Sanwo-Olu to Build Lagos on Five Pillars

Mary Nnah

In an envisioned plan to take Lagos to greater heights, the governorship aspirant for All Progressives Congress (APC), Babajide Sanwolu recently unveiled his development strategy, which he said is based on five pillars.

The five pillars comprise of Traffic Management and Transportation; Health and Environment; Education and Technology; Making Lagos a 21stCentury Economy and Entertainment and Tourism, which makes up the acronym, T.H.E.M.E.

Speaking during the launch of the five pillars for greater Lagos at an event tagged, “The Unveiling: Vision for a Greater Lagos, Sanwo-Olu said Lagos State, as the commercial heartbeat of the nation contributing over 30 per cent of Nigeria‘s GDP and 65 per cent of her manufacturing activity, is the land of opportunity for Nigerians driven by the sheer size of its business community.

“Having been an integral part of the policy thrust and programmes spanning all the previous governments of Lagos State to date, combined with a significant private sector experience, I can promise that under my leadership, Lagos will be truly ready for business”, he noted further.

The governorship aspirant, who went further to expatiate on what the Five Pillars for a Greater Lagos entailed, said that an efficient transportation system was of vital importance for the development of Lagos.

He said therefore that there was a need to properly regulate and optimise the efficiency of the transport system to constantly meet the needs of the nation’s growing population.

“To address this, the policy thrust of our administration will be to prioritise the attainment of a reliable multimodal transportation system with the following objectives, which include reduce delays, reduce travel-related stress and improve journey time reliability, particularly for business travel and the movement of goods, by improving access to and within activity centres.

“Improve safety whilst enabling all sectors of society to travel to the destinations they need to reach. Give priority to those means of travel that are less damaging to our natural and built sustainable environment”, he noted.

He said his team is determined to integrate road, rail and water transportations in Lagos while ensuring that all bad roads are fixed and road infrastructure is generally expanded.

Traffic management, he said, is of high priority hence his robust plan in relieving Lagosian of traffic woes by getting trailers off Lagos bridges and ensuring that Lagosians stopped wasting their precious time in traffic.
The healthcare system, he said would be anchored on a comprehensive health insurance scheme that would be easily accessible and affordable to all Lagosians while on education and technology, he added that his strategy would be on increase access to public education in Lagos State, especially in primary and secondary schools levels.

On Making Lagos a 21st Century Economy, Sanwo-Olu said Lagos is projected to be the third largest in Africa, noting, “we see the private sector and the growth engineer of this economy.

He said therefore that his team is dedicated to boosting the private sector by providing an enabling environment where businesses would effectively thrive.

Lagos is certainly the African’s centre of entertainments and the melting point of cultures, hence for Entertainment & Tourism, the Sanwo-Olu leadership is committed to creating a viable and vibrant through entertainment and tourism by developing all the tourism access and potentials in Lagos State as well as invest in grassroots sports development with plans to showcase potentials at the national and international stages, all these in a bid to create a 21st century Lagos accessible to all, driven by a thriving economy and powered by technology.

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