Investment One Unveils Investment App


Bamidele Famoofo

Investment One Financial Services Limited has launched an investment solution for investors.

The Ziing App, according to Group Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Nicholas Nyamali, is a solution for investors who desire to be total control of their investments.


“Ziing is an App on your phone that essentially enables you to take control of your finances. It is your money buddy. It is an App that provides the user an array of financial services ranging from timely investment information to identifying available investment opportunities”, Nyamali disclosed at the launch of the application in recently in Lagos.

“With Ziing, l don’t need to walk into a bank to ask my banker questions on how to manage my idle fund and l can easily control my expenses in case they are getting out of hands,” he added.

A major difference between Ziing and other Apps so far introduced into the Nigerian financial space is that it addresses other financial needs beyond payments.

“It is a one- stop -shop investment management App. You can save with it, track what trading looks like on the stock exchange without going through a broker just with a touch on your phone. Ziing can be used for international money transfer (both sending and receiving). For your latest stock prices, treasury bills prices, investment information, simply Ziing it. For cash, loans etc., Ziing it,”Nyamali enthused.

Ziing also offers its users access to their investment account outside the working days as it enables them to be able to meet their immediate financial needs at any time they needed it. “For instance you can put your money in a fixed deposit say at 13 percent and on a Saturday, with your phone, you can liquidate such an investment to create immediate access to your money. There is no need to have an investment fund (fixed deposit) separated from your current account with the Ziing App”, Investment One disclosed.

Speaking on the rationale behind the introduction of the app by his company, Nyamali said it was the need to provide access and control to players in the financial space both locally and internationally.

“If we are honest to ourselves we will realise the bulk of solutions we have seen in the banking space are that of payment, payments for subscriptions, bills etc. But the solution for access or control is largely lacking. For instance, l want to have access to my investments; l want control over my savings; monitor my expenditure; get investment information; investment education; take control of my finances etc.; those questions had no answers before the introduction of Ziing. That is why at Investment One, we identify that we need a tool called Ziing”, he explained.