How Love Tamed Sonny Kuku at 75…

Like an ancient mariner whose heartbeat dwarfs echoes of his incredible exploits, Ijebu-born business mogul, Oloorogun Sonny Kuku, commands the awe of many of his peers and admirers in Nigeria’s high society. Sonny Kuku, joint chief medical director, Eko Hospitals, is one of the triumvirate that established the highly successful hospital.

Dr. Kuku clocked 75 some days ago. But to the dismay of his friends and family, the astute businessman didn’t roll out the drums in an elaborate manner. He has reportedly shunned several overtures made to him by members of his family to celebrate his birthday in a grand manner. Hitherto known for his loud and extravagant way of life, the veteran socialite is letting go his old ways, preferring to fritter a few naira on only important celebrations like the wedding ceremony of his children. With his new wife, a former beauty queen, Susan Hart, Sonny is in the seventh heaven.

Susan is gifted in love. Like the fabled enchanteur from the renaissance era, she has got Olorogun Sunny Kuku forever pacing the Hadrian’s wall of her shoulder and dreaming of her maiden castle. In the same breath, she has got him perpetually hooked on her cocktail of love. Since his eyes held with hers and they experienced their first touch, she sent shockwaves of love through his veins like radiant energy. Thus Olorogun Kuku became a string to be played by the nimble fingers of Susan, his beloved wife.

Very few women are capable of such feat. Indeed, very few wives are able to keep their husbands fulfilled and perpetually devoted to their wedlock.

Susan is capable of such deed. As you read, the ravishing beauty savours blissful matrimony with her husband. She relishes every minute of her garden-fresh union, basking in the glory of being an elegant consort of the renowned Olorogun Sunny Kuku.

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