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 Eleje Abili Willy uses ‘Spied’ to unlock some mysteries

In my several commentaries, I keep alluding to my  ‘Scriptural Paraphrases and Illustrations in Ehugbo Dialect’(SPIED) and my ‘Soliloquy of Hidden Mallam’ as acknowledgements of the fact of Ehugbo cultural traditions, in the light of the truth, of the scripture, to unlock mysteries in a labyrinth of idioms and metaphors. This is based on the belief that what is referred to is different from what is meant, that every language and speech in the earth was one Gen 11:1 and by implication, that every language is an onomatopoeia of the other.

‘My Dream for Ebonyi State’ published in two parts in 2017, was the first articulation of my SPIED in an exclusively English language. The article attempted to show the head as man, date of whom is his woman, the ark and ship of state, which is the people that should share equal opportunity and hope in their leaders’ dream, his mandate to govern by the law. A law of just end, which separates in not later than eight years, from the day of their enjoinment, his head and motive power unit from the she-cargo unit; the tail, as head and tail in a toss of coin-incidence guessed and suggested as the Guest and Sore-guest.

That article went on to posit that, if his sophistry in learning is ahead or behind his time, the head-man would be regarded as having gone ‘loco’ Acts 26:24, then would she not see with him and key into his dream to result in locomotion, as progress of state-ship, the ark. Ark which Acts 10:10-16 depicts as a waterbed-sheet of heaven fallen on the 3rd  Reich, on Reach up-rising, to rise for the 4th and last cheat of heaven in bed, with key-zoo, ike en-trance-port-afar, of the Ark. The Ark wherein were all manner of four-footed beasts of the earth and wild beasts and creeping things and fowls of the air. Ark made of gopher, gopher-meant, government for building the Ark as a nation of few in Rev. 14 that shall be saved as Jew-El not Gem-many.  Nation of Jews not Germany-nation building ark-tion by all those that entered pre-Noah, entrepreneurs, in state intercourse or co-join-meant for Isa-sin-nation. Assassination of the head, as price to enter, enterprise as a fare, affair of state ship, the date, with the man, her fond, funding of what, how and when as state budget, taste bud-gets in tongues of fire a-rev-anew heat of she. Heat energy internally generated and given to the state-ship that receives and not receiver-ships of state, fed-ration of accounts made as a budget cycle of cumulative causation of aqua-El, the water currency a-flow as cash, as it were a battery re-charger of the head and capital of the state-punishment, in her pubic as punic war-head at Gabatha Jn19: 13. War head at agha abata, the en-trance of his head, in dream as the man, forecast-as rations of queen of the coast, the She-hand, writing  promisory notes as oath of orifice, taken by the king and ceaser of land of the Lord to ask, tax of males and fee-males the labour of his mother. Land, labour, capital and entrepreneurs, being yohim-zoo, ike the thieves, referring to the two malefactors of re-production and the I thirst, IS saith, (testis), the word and the third One, whose name is secret Jn19:28 Dt 25:11 Judg 13:18. Gen 7:1-7, Gen 6:14 Lk 23:32, Mal3:8 Mk 6: 19-27, Eph 5:32-23. SPIED revealed by the book of revelation, He that WAS, and IS and IS, WARS of ISIS to come and the Last, not North Korea. The ISIS-Wars shall be between the innumerable host of heaven and the two-thirds, led by the big-Guest, the Prince of Peace that shall come, as was in the first war against the numerous host of hell, the one-third, led by the Sore-guest of mortal wound and prince of Persia Rev 12: 9-1 Rev 13:3 Dan10:13 Isa 9: 6 Num22:22.

 I do not know the details of what currently transpires in the middle-east or the Korean peninsula, but I know the truth of the scriptures, the rhyme of onomatopoeia, the interpretation of hard sentences and figures of speech. He that IS and WAS, ISWAs, Rev 1:4 , ISWA shall cause the coming of He that WAS, of IS and IS, Wars of ISIS, coming between the innumerable host of heaven, that cannot be numbered and the numerous host of hell, numbered and found many-Legion Mk 5:9. In the matter of legion, Re-Legion, religion shall be the cause. That curse is agum onu in Ehugbo, onu-ogu is number, of name (Afa), onu guru in a count, account of his name, ‘the Beast’, number of which is six hundred three score and six (666), his mark, and according to the book of revelation, that no man might buy or sell save he that had the (Beastmark on earth, Beast-Mark-et), or the name of the beast or the number of his name  Rev 15:2, Rev 13:18-16. But the host of heaven and stars of the war are innumerable Gen 22:17, Gen26:4.

And according to the book of Numbers 22:4-6, Moab, (angry mob), said unto the elders of Midian (that live as locust in low-cost houses) and Moab said unto the elders of Midian… we have heard what they did to the Amorites…, now shall this company (of troops) lick up all that are around us as the ox that licketh up grass of the field and Balak the son of Zippor…king of Moab, sent messengers therefore, unto Balam, son of Beor (a mid-get) to call him saying, behold, there is a people come out of Egypt, behold there are (innumerable), like dust that cover the earth Gen13:16, Gen 28:14, come now (around me) therefore, I pray thee and number (in census, incense-us God), with a curse (Lily-put on them) as a name-tag on Israel their name, (in account of The Prince), that hath power with God and with men and hast prevailed, peradventure I might prevail like the midianites because iniquity was found among them, (which otherwise shall be an un-just cause), for curse causeless shall not come Prov 26:2, in cumulative causation but the just cause of the war shall come by the iniquity of Israel. Nevertheless, 144,000 of them shall be saved Rev 14 and 7, Gen32:28, Num 22:16, Judg 6:2, Num 22:16, Judg 6:2.

 A listener to any volume of my SPIED voice recording having not gone through the preceding ones, would get lost in the maze that I could not find out the end, for SPIED  is an intractable parody of the English language, of King James version of the scriptures. As onomatopoeia therefore, SPIED is bound to be shallow in a uniquely English diction. But what is perhaps fulfilling is the application of SPIED to interpretation of my own dreams.

At dawn of the 31st of December 2018, I found myself as it is usual in the dream praying, but this time around sobbing and praying the LORD ”…do something about my case, which I was to find is brief. When I awoke, I continued, “…Lord leave me not in this case, which I cannot even tell what it is, but is best known to you, for it might be good for your character, but not good for your reputation…”  I believe that it is best to sleep into a new year than to watch for the morning for only God knows how morning is light. So I went to bed in the night of the 31st.  

In a dream at dawn of 1st January 2019, I saw my briefcase open, crammed up with documents and personal effects such that no room was found for a script of my SPIED, as I began to frantically decongest the case, I woke up. As I lay face-up, thinking to myself the supposed meaning of my vision, I found that my life is brief, case of which is my chest of mind, minding nothingness and much ado…