Baba Fryo, Magi Thrill  at Ginai Kids Party


In the spirit of the Christmas holidays and New Year season, Ginai Kids Entertainment organised a special end of the year party for children in private nursery and primary schools in Apapa area of Lagos State. The two day Christmas holiday funfair had parents, proprietress and proprietors of the schools in attendance in an atmosphere of fun and excitement. The well-organised kids’ party was geared towards having the kids, in company of their teachers and guardians engage in different fun fill activities like games, dance competitions, drama, and group presentation, quiz and debate.

From their various and individual presentations, one can class them as the pupils engaged themselves in a manner that showed them knowledgeably in wits as they participate in the events, showcasing their various schools. The colourful children’s party which was held at Naval Barracks in Ajegunle presented opportunities for the kids from different backgrounds to interact with one another amidst fun and fanfare while also been treated to music and comedy from renowned comedians and musicians such as Baba Fryo, Yellow Banton and Magi, with members of the media covering the event.

According to the organiser of the event, Regina Jideonwo, the essence of the 2018 children’s funfair was to merge entertainment with education to give the children fun, adding that “This is the end of the year and a lot of schools do have school parties and we want to make it easier so we decided to organise this party for them to attend individually and enjoy the special treat of the season of relaxation.” The winners of the games and competitions were presented with various gift items.  

The highpoint of the Ginai Kids Entertainment event was the presentation by Kamsy Victory Fenuga, a grade 5 pupil from Sowers Best Leaders Academy in Awodiora Estate. Titled ‘A Look Ahead @ Nigeria Election in February 2019 was inspiring, her recitation was quite wonderful, such that wowed the audience and stirred the setting in admiration and praises of her intelligence. 

The parents, guardians and the owners of the schools expressed satisfaction at the end of the programme, stating that it was a worthwhile event which is worth participating.