FPG Technologies Wins Tech Consulting Company of the Year


FPG Technologies and Solutions Limited, one of Nigeria’s foremost information technology (IT) company known for providing IT consulting, IT security, cloud, mobile and infrastructure solutions to various sectors of the Nigerian economy, has been named ‘Tech Consulting Company of The Year’ in the Nigerian Technology Awards 2018.

The Nigerian Technology Awards (NITA) was organised to celebrate technology excellence, reward technology companies, entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors, academicians and policy makers and give country-wide recognition to technology professionals and organizations at the fore-front of building a sustainable economy using technology.

FPG’s Marketing Manager, Joy Ehibor, said: “We are honored to be recognized, winning the Tech Consulting Company of the year award is a powerful endorsement of FPG Technologies & Solutions’ adeptness in delivering innovative IT Consulting, Security, Cloud, Mobility and Infrastructure solutions and services that offer unparalleled competitive advantage. This award affirms the dedication of our team in forming meaningful partnerships with our clients that allows us to solve their business challenges using bespoke innovative solutions and technical expertise. This recognition is a testament to both our success and that of our clients.”

FPG’s CEO, Rex Mafiana was named ‘Tech Company CEO 2018’. Head of Technology Group, Toheeb Mohammed, said: “This award recognises a visionary known for outstanding leadership in advancing and accelerating the performance and progress of the IT sector and the adoption of technology in Nigeria.

“Rex Mafiana is considered a mentor; his passion has been to leverage technology to drive digital transformation by helping organizations accelerate growth while achieving extreme business agility with confidence. We are proud to have a leader who advocates technology as a means for changing lives, businesses and governance for good.”