Awoof Mama Begins New Campaign,  Plans to Launch Makeup Line 


Socialite and social media celebrity, Anastencia Ezenwa, popularly known as The Awoof Mama of Instagram, has started an Awoof spree campaign, giving out her makeup brand products, Lipstain, Eyeshadow Palletes, Lip Liners etc, all selling at Awoof prices. The young champ and CEO, Zeeclass beauty, who partners with other entrepreneurs to sell products at a ridiculously discounted price, has said that all was set for the launching of the Zeeclass makeup brand in February, next year. 

According to Anastencia, “I know how it feels wanting something but the price tag becomes a hindrance. I came to crash prices but then I thought to myself again; you can extend this to helping other brands sell out their items that they have had for a while or could not sell because they don’t have the online customer base yet. Then I started running Awoof Ads for brands and the testimonies have been mind-blowing.

“Personally, I deal on makeup products, I sell different brands of makeup products but right now I’m super excited to mention that the zeeclass makeup products will be launched in February, 2019. I intend to continue selling other brands after zeeclass launch but I assure you that my wide range of products I am currently working on will give you that amazing look you crave for, because here at zeeclass beauty we believe every woman is born gorgeous.”