Airtel Holds ‘Love Initiative’ in Nigeria


One of the leading telecommunications services providers, Airtel Nigeria, in partnership with UAC, through its popular franchise, Mr. Biggs, has fed over 2,000 Lagosians at Ojuelegba, Surulere, Lagos in the ‘five days of love’ Christmas initiative.

Speaking at the event organised by the company recently in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer, Airtel Nigeria, Mr. Olusegun Ogunsanya, said the event was aimed at promoting love. Ogunsanya revealed that the initiative also took place in Sokoto, Ibadan and Kano simultaneously.

He also stated: “It is very important for people to share. We are sharing time, money and everything we have. We are not only giving food. We are spending time with the folks here. It is very important for anyone blessed by God to come and share something. So we are here today to share some of our blessings with the people of Ojuelegba.

“The first year, we went to an orphanage to share with the orphans. As I am doing this in Lagos, my colleagues in Kano, Sokoto and Ibadan will be doing the same thing. So they will be five days of giving to cities in Nigeria. For us, it is about getting something in return, it is about giving. We are not trading today. We want to give to those who cannot give us anything in return.”