Osiobe Foundation Bemoans Exclusion of Special Children

Olawale Ajimotokan and Udora Orizu in Abuja

The Ane Osiobe International Foundation has lamented the neglect of children with special needs from quality education and support from government and the society.

The foundation, at its second 2018 outreach, donated texts books, notebooks, and materials to the L.E.A. Pilot Science Primary School—Special Education Resource Centre, Gwagwalada, Abuja to enable the students and teachers engage in smooth learning activities for the academic year.

Its lead programme coordinator, Jessy Ante, who represented Dr S.A. Osiobe, the President of Ane Osiobe International Foundation, noted that often children with special needs are isolated and made to feel as if they have nothing to contribute to the society, adding society should treat them with empathy.

“This is another step towards achieving the numerous goals of the foundation. There are still so much, that need to be done to increase the literacy rates in Nigeria.

“These children hold up so much hope and enthusiasm for the future, but they are often neglected by society. Our mission is to fuel the potentials in them, and it will be our pleasure to have every one lend a helping hand,” she said.

The lead program coordinator, Ayodeji Falade, noted that the foundation will soon extend the outreach to tertiary education students and empower them to proffer solutions to some of their academic problems in Nigeria and Africa.
He said the foundation aims at meeting the sustainable development goals, eradicate hunger and also empower them to embark on researches that will solve academic and other problems.

The Head of Special Education Unit, Pilot Science Primary School Abuja, Comfort Demide, also expressed gratitude for the attention given to the special needs children in the school by the foundation.

The event was the second outreach the Ane Osiobe International Foundation was hosting this year and the seventh since its establishment in 2015, in honour of Mrs. Ann Eloho Osiobe’s legacy.

The foundation is a non-profit organisation established by Ejiro Uriri Osiobe also known as Jiji E. U. Osiobe and co-founded by Nyore Eloho Osiobe, with the mission to increase the public understanding on the benefit of supporting the educational advancement and supporting a child that has the desire in getting a sound education and to provide them with the opportunities that level the playing field.

It is the first online Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Nigeria, and it is known for operating as an Economic Development Organisation (EDO).

Other departments in the foundation include Health and Nutrition Department (H & N), Trendsetters Series (TSS), Ane Osiobe Altrisum Farm, and Ane Tree.

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