ATIKU – WAS IT A STRIP SEARCH? The PDP and the Atiku team have


The PDP and the Atiku team have made a lot of fuss about the recent treatment meted out to him on his return to the country from his extended Strategy session in Dubai.

My people if it was not a strip search then no problem. I do not have too much details but you see, if this really happened and as reported nothing was found, then we have a major plus for our guy. We should then remain focused on the major issue at hand and not all this kind irrelevant and chin chinny matter.

Everybody must be searched at the airport as I hear even the Duke of Shomolu was searched after his recent trip from Uyo so why won’t they search Atiku mbok. This in my estimation is a no issue and all that talk about the government trying to plant something on the plane by one Frank guy like that is palm wine talk. Abeg, let’s not be distracted by all this small talk, the work ahead is tedious. Welcome back, can you now focus?