Quizac Now Available for Download, Promises Improved Students’ Performance

Quizac Now Available for Download, Promises Improved Students’ Performance

A Nigerian-made educational quiz app, Quizac is now available for download worldwide on Google Play store, following series of demands from students and the general audience. The concept for the app was first revealed by the developers earlier this year and it received a considerable amount of attention with many commending the constructive learning pattern it offers.

The app utilizes a gaming approach for users to enhance retention for subjects learned when played. Students can pick from an array of subjects and interact by initiating a game.

The developers have described Quizac’s goal as to improve academic performance in students by helping them review any subject and provide sufficient knowledge as they play the games.

Commenting on the idea behind the creation and the sole purpose of the app, founder; Tade Samson said: “Time after time, people find themselves unable to recollect most of what have been studied prior to examinations or tests and this constantly results in poor academic performance.

“The goal to dwindle this factor, led to the creation of Quizac as the problem is never with our IQ but rather the lack of a constructive learning pattern- something Quizac heavily utilizes to enable retention, long after reviewing the subjects on the app. One of the most imperative goals of Quizac is to increase academic performance significantly in students by creating an avenue for them to review any topic of their choice faster than ever. With Quizac, students can finally play, learn and remember.”

According to Samson, Quizac also collates the performances of players after each game; presenting them with analysis on areas of improvement in various subjects reviewed. “Another remarkable feature the app utilises to ensure increased academic performance is the concept of learning by spaced repetition – a concept that enhances longer retention by constantly bringing back questions missed by players during the course of playing.”

The founder said students can learn subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, among others on the app with numerous topics to pick from under each subject.

The developers of Quizac have also promised to soon make the app available on Apple Store.

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