Foreign Names Not Ideal for Africans, Says Maharaj Ji

Satguru Maharaj-Ji

Kayode Fasua

Leader of the One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has proclaimed that the best way to have enduring peace in Africa is for its peoples to drop foreign names and revert to their indigenous names.

Maharaj Ji, widely famed as Father of Creation, made the announcement in a statement he issued at the weekend, ahead of Golden Age Festival of the One Love Family, slated for November 9 to 17, this year.

He advised that Africa’s peace would get a 60 per cent boost, “the moment all Africans change into and use traditional and cultural names which would appease the gods and bring economic boom.”

“So drop James or Elizabeth for Chuckwu or Chidiebere and you will see an immediate change,” he urged.

Besides, Maharaj Ji urged “all Africans to make statues of their grandfathers and mothers and that they will see changes in their lives.

“It is love in action,” he stressed.

Maharaj Ji further stated that “all the spirits/deities and all the original oracles are back”, even as he urged that “we should not spill blood to appease them anymore and they will work.”

Also in the statement, the ascetic spiritual leader averred that he inspired Pope Francis to announce that Jesus Christ would no longer come back to the world as anticipated.

“Satguru Maharaj Ji has made the Pope to confess that Jesus Christ is not coming back to the earth anymore.

“This is a clear indication that the concept is a real con, since you can’t milk a dead cow,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, as the Golden Age Festival of the One Love Family commences on November 9, adherents who are billed to converge on the Maharaj Ji Village on Kilometer 10, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, had been issued requisite regulations.

In a statement, the One Love Family forbade wearing of shoes, smoking of cigarette and drinking of alcohol; it also outlawed “indecent relationship, talking in the canteen, and use of electronic gadgets, photographic, video cameras and recorders.

Besides, women are forbidden from exposing their hair, while women in trousers are not allowed.

Besides, Maharaj Ji warned that there should be “no fighting in the holy land and that all men should remove their caps