Phase3 Clocks 15yrs in Fibre Optic Service Operations


West Africa’s independent fibre optic infrastructure operator, Phase3 Telecom has clocked 15 years in providing Nigerians with quality service that has boosted connectivity in organisations, in line with technology evolution.

Phase3 Telecom, which began operations in 2003 had an auspicious start pioneering optic fiber services on power lines, to provide backbone, broadband, and converged services across Nigeria.

Phase3, with an extended reach beyond country shores through invaluable global partnerships with entities such as PCCW global, rides on expansion projects targeted at transforming the sub-region’s telecommunications landscape using innovative technology as leverage to effectively connect people and businesses that operate in the region with each other, and the rest of the world.

Through its subsidiary, Coverage Broadband, Phase3 in a strategic partnership with Airtel Nigeria recently, announced launch of 3flix mobile TV service, an app designed for smart phones to provide premium television content to Nigerians across the country.

The company’s chief executive officer, Mr. Stanley Jegede, said: “Phase3’s foresight to focus on the opportunities in emerging markets led to the creation of Coverage Broadband, and the subsequent partnership with Airtel Nigeria, to offer subscribers a distinctive mobile TV viewing service, which requires minimal data consumption.”

According to Jegede, “While Phase3 is not oblivious of Nigeria’s current 360° degree shift in focus of meeting the needs of a rapidly growing and evolving population especially in the area of delivering much more amplified and accessible versions of their connectivity needs, we are very grateful that 15 years of operations has prepared us for a smarter strategic aptitude; refined thought processes, and an unequaled team resilience that is now first nature to us.”

He said Phase3’s decision to take a proactive stance early, was an indication of such record successes and rewards including an ever growing client portfolio, and the opportunity to serve those clients more as an integrator.

He maintained that such decisions also yielded cross sector investment opportunities, joint ventures and partnerships that has seen Phase3 conquer new horizons with operational merits and industry recognition.

Jegede said Phase3’s current and future balancing act would always be channeled towards entrenching the values of reliability, creativity and excellence.