It is often said that too much money destroys character, corrupts virtue, dishevels morals and feeds the vanities of its random possessors. Thus too many possessors of the legal tender have been found to lose their humanity and souls to its enthralling caprices and vile.

But the brilliant banker, Segun Oloketuyi, is remarkably different. He is immune to the wiles and ravages of money. Unlike too many of his peers that have fallen to money’s devious charms, he is invulnerable to the terrifying charms of the legal tender.

The corporate titan and former group managing director and chief executive officer of WEMA Bank, Oloketuyi, who retired some months ago is hot under the collar with our last report about him moving his family to Canada. Yes, Segun has never been a limelight-hugging technocrat, those who know him, his cerebral mind and deep love for humanity and the affairs of his dear nation would no doubt attest to that.

According to the brilliant banker who called to set the record straight, he didn’t just move his family to Canada. They have been there for many years. They live and school in Canada. And also saying he is likely one of the richest retired bank MDs, according to him, skirts moral boundaries.

He is a man of modest means. Segun who lives a life of modesty does not subscribe to the usual vanities that eventually consume some men in Nigeria. Not surprisingly because Segun is regarded as one of the most brilliant minds to run a financial institution in Nigeria. When he was appointed MD/CEO, it was also a most inauspicious time as the global financial crisis was at its most feverish.

But diligently, he went about his work and soon, the CEO’s shoe fitted snugly so much that by the time he retired months ago, the WEMA was very well positioned among Nigeria’s foremost banks. He brought his ingenious leadership style to bear, thus changing the fortunes of the bank for better via visionary initiatives.

According to WEMA officials, “ In the past nine years, under the leadership of Segun Oloketuyi, the bank recorded great achievements; growth in Deposit Liabilities by 39 per cent to N354.88billion (FY 2017; N254.5billion) on the back of continued acceptance of the Wema brand and the improved performance of ALAT-our flagship Digital Bank”.

Also, increase in earnings and capacity – gross earnings increased by 5.12 % from N30.37billion (H12017) to N31.93billion (H12018) while profit before tax closed 27.44 per cent higher N1.83billion”. We believe them! We sincerely apologize to the former bank chief for the misinformation and the embarrassment the story must have caused him and his bank.