Akanimo Udofia Throws Weight Behind Gov. Udom

There is no gainsaying billionaire oil businessman, Akanimo Udofia’s influence; be it in politics or the country’s business circuit, the head honcho of Desicon Group, looms large in the nation’s psyche, as the galaxy’s Milky Way above stratus-cumulus clouds. As the clouds and blue expanse of the skies arouse questions about their vastness in every curious heart, Akanimo popularly known as African King, provokes inquiry and endless streams of speculations about the limits and otherwise of his affluence.

At the backdrop of claims and counter-claims about the vastness and quality of his character and political affluence, fresh rumours emerged to buttress claims of the invincibility and influence of the Akwa Ibom-born oil billionaire. We gathered he is throwing weight behind the governor of his home state, Governor Emmanuel Udom to run for a second term in office.

There is no doubt that Akanimo is a big spender but will his intimidating wealth and financial backing will be enough to guarantee his friend and brother, Governor Emmanuel a smooth ride into the government house of Akwa Ibom State for the second time? Only time will tell! You couldn’t have forgotten so soon that Senator Akpabio and Akan were very close at some point. They were always together; they did a lot of things together.

Today, the story has changed! Akanimo is closer to the incumbent governor of the good and law-abiding people of Akwa Ibom. However, with Desicon Engineering, a company which conducts engineering, procurement and construction services for Nigeria’s oil and gas industries, Udofia has reinforced the fact that he is a force of nature. So, he is all shades of solid.

Because of his meteoric rise, Akanimo is versed in the art of putting money to personal good use and to the benefit of humanity. He has a private jet to traverse the world as his business and pleasure predilection demands. He also has homes in different parts of the world but prefers the opulence of his London, United Kingdom haven. He offered free medical and surgical services to the people of his hometown in Affa Offiong, Akwa-Ibom state.

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