IDHS to Boost Nigeria’s Healthcare with Digital Solution

Martins Ifijeh

Integrated Digital Healthcare Services (IDHS) Limited is set to boost the Nigerian healthcare space with digital online platform that helps patients seek healthcare services directly from medical personnel in the comfort of their homes.

Stating this at a press briefing in Lagos recently to announce the debut of the digital platform in Nigeria, Founder, IDHS, Elizabeth Nwaka Adesina, said this is the first web- based healthcare platform in West Africa involved in online text, audio and video health consultation with a global pool of medical doctors and other healthcare practitioners both in United Kingdom, United States and Nigeria.

Eweka-Adeshina said the platform allows for easy referral of patients to specialist doctors and other medical practitioners, hospitals, pharmacists and diagnostic centres.

“The platform also has self-care modules to support those with chronic health conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Kidney disease, Arthritis, Asthma and others.

“There is also health insurance policy for seamless end-to-end healthcare service via our platform and prescriptions are issued by medical doctors on the platform. There are also support features for pregnant women and those requiring support to conceive.

‘Users have access to a global pool of medical doctors to gain, share and transfer medical knowledge. There are also multiple payment options via the platform which also help to plug leakages that occur with cash payments.
” Also, users who don’t physically require an examination can have a consultation online. Following consultation online, the patient can be directed to the right place for follow up care,” she said.

Eweka-Adeshina explained that in conjunction with major players in the health sector such as the Federal Ministry of Health, the IDHS services would be readily available and affordable at all functional Primary Health Centres (PHCs) nationwide.

“The protection of all users on our platform is very important to us. We are able to confirm that we have deployed several measures to reduce the risk of fraud and unveil any potential fraud on IDHS. Healthwise, all medical practitioners are thoroughly vetted before their accounts are activated; we use only the most secure, encrypted payment gateways through our financial service provision partners.

“Furthermore, our server is hosted with the most secure provider in the world, we use additional protection and encryption of user information, 2 to 3 tiers user identification verification and the list goes on.”

She said the platform offers lots of free, value adding features like mental health support, support and advisory services for pregnant women, adding that fertility support and birth control advisory services, symptom checker and self-care for those who are affected by long term illness like hypertension, diabetes, cancer and others.

“Furthermore, we provide an ecosystem through which in-country doctors can partner with and collaborate with global doctors seamlessly and make referrals on the platform.

“We have stellar track record, also having launched in the UK and UAE to good reception and are currently in continuing partnership talks with the relevant authorities in these regions.

“The average Nigerian has struggled long enough with accessing high quality, affordable healthcare. Prompt access to qualified local and international medical practitioners would greatly benefit our people and ensure improved health outcomes,” she added.

IDHS is a UK based company focused on improving health and wellness outcome of users by giving them access to health information, medical care, medical professionals and medical services at their doorsteps.

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