A Jolly Good Fellow: When Kennedy Uzoka Bobbed and Bubbled At Greg’s Gig


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Kennedy Uzoka, the MD of UBA is a man perpetually in his element; his strides are blooming into peerless vistas and echoes of his attainments resound across the business and social firmament, like the silky-smooth refrain of a grand opera.

However, some bank bosses try so hard to develop a lifestyle that would never request their presence. Some would attend every party as a measure of courtesy but having got there; fade into the background. But some become the life of the party. Gaiety is the most outstanding feature of the latter.

Unlike many other bank MDs and CEOs of financial institutions, they endeavour to lose themselves and have undiluted fun thus dismissing the notion top bankers and bank bosses can never take time away from their hectic schedules to unwind. Yet, in the midst of the mouth-watering revelry that heralded the 60th birthday of billionaire oil magnate, Greg Uanseru, in Eko Hotel, Uzoka, was a standout surprise. A man that cannot be mentioned in the same breath with social butterfly, anything that has to do with his bosom friend, Greg, is always top priority.

Soaking up the merriment without recourse to frivolity, Uzoka, cutting a picture of good health and happiness, tippled his favourite bubbly, shuffled and swayed intermittently and backslapped and chatted heartily with the purveyors of prosperity that crowded the soiree.

Despite the elevation of the birthday banquet to an upper-class feast with fascinating luscious sights and vivacious sounds, not for the handsome, upbeat Kennedy who conveniently finished a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, were the thoughts of the economic turmoil. He stayed till the wee hours and sure had a ball and a blast and a breather.