OAP Toke Makinwa Goes Nude for Ad Campaign

Sunday Ehigiator

Toke Makinwa, the popular On Air Personality (OAP), recently broke the Internet by going nude while modeling for a product.

The controversial OAP, was said to have signed a $2,000,000 partnership to create safe skincare products that works across all skin types and tones.

Known as the TM Beauty Glow, she said it redefines the African beauty rules with it’s formulas and safe ingredients that haven’t made their way to Africa.

As expected, the picture generated a lot of backlash. One @dinma_lc posted. “You’re legit one of the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever come across. You preach about Christianity every day but never have I seen you in church. You spend even your Passover nights at clubs, yet you’ll come online and be preaching the gospel, gospel according to Toke right?

“Don’t try and streamline the word of God to how it fits you and your business. You have pursued materialistic things to the point of this to sell a product.”

Another social media user @Iamsplufik went as far as blaming Toke for her divorce from ex husband. She said, “Why won’t you be single? Maybe your husband saw this coming before dumping you, and some fools are busy hyping this naked pics, where are your morals Toke?”

Another social media user, one Abigail Slessor, went as far as photoshopping clothes on Makinwa. According to her, it was “for the culture and holiness”.

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