Citracks, Galooli Harp on Low Cost Tracking, Power Solutions

Emma Okonji

The first ever telematics conference organised by Citracks, a subsidiary of C&I Leasing, in collaboration with its technical partner, Galooli, highlighted how organisations with fleet of vehicles could effectively track and monitor their vehicles and drivers’ behaviours, using latest technology solution that will help organisations save operational cost.

Aside tracking solutions, the telematics conference also highlighted how telecommunications companies as well as oil and gas companies among others, could effectively manage fuel consumption and maintenance of their generators using the best of technology solutions that help save cost.

Managing Director/CEO of C & I Leasing, Mr. Andrew Otike-Odibi, said the company introduced Citracks as one of its business units to address the anomalies and mismanagement going on with fleet and power businesses in the county.
He said the telematics conference was organised to showcase the most effective technology solutions that would help organisations and individuals to effectively manage their fleet of vehicles and generators in the most cost-effective manner that will save organisations as high as 30 per cent in their operational cost. He explained that Citracks has gone beyond transportation business of vehicle tracking and fleet management, to a full technology business company, using telematics to provide technology solutions for organisations.

The Managing Director of Galooli, Mr. Nissim Moshe, described the partnership between Citracks and Galooli as one partnership that has used technology and telematics to change the face of business in Nigeria, since his company entered into the Nigerian market in 2016.

The Chief Technical Officer at Galooli, Mr. Kim Fraser, said the company had integrated its variety of solutions into a single app, which offers several services that meet customers’ needs. According to him, the app is available on Google Play Store for download on any android device and comes with great ease of use.

“Our app solution monitors mobile assets as well as physical stationery assets, and helps customers to know how those assets are being utilised and managed. For vehicles, we are looking at how the vehicle is utilised and operated and what is the fuel consumption of the vehicle and how the driver is managing the vehicle and its fuel consumption.

“The solution captures information about the vehicle location, usage and its fuel consumption rate. It captures driver’s behaviour at any point in time. It gives information that will allow the vehicle owner manage the driver and the vehicle in a cost effective way,” Fraser said.

According to him, for the power assets, the solution would help customers manage their generator to get a maximum value and reduce running cost in the maintenance of the generator.

The solution can help customers save between 20 per cent and 30 per cent of running cost. The solution is a complete solution that addresses a variety of issues, but customers may not need to buy the entire solution, but could buy part of it, depending on their needs.

“Our fleet management solution for instance, can be unbundled into three parts: basic tracking servers, driver behaviour solution, and engine diagnostic component that manages fuel consumption,” Fraser said.

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