New Gaming Site, 442 Manager Starts operation in Nigeria 


Football gaming is off to a new drive in Nigeria as a new site births its operation. 442 Manager has been thoughtfully designed, programmed and play ready for every football loving Nigerian. 

442 Manager is a fantasy football gaming site that allows you put a stake on your favorite players and at the end of a match period you cash out. It’s a new game site with exception and a style of its own promising to give its customers the very best of the value of their money. 

The gaming site allows you build an 11-man football team from the list of countries playing on each day a football contest holds such as if there’s a game between NIG and ARG, TUN vs ANG, RUS vs ENG showing on the same day, you can build your 11-man squad by selecting different players from across all six countries playing on the same day.

442 manager allows you play daily contest and allows cash out at the end of the last contest of the  day. 

By placing a stake on your squad, you can cash out at the end of the day.

When building your 11-man squad, 442 Manager allows you an entitlement to a salary cap in which your squad will have to sum up to. Every player on the platform has a salary and the sum total of your 11 man squad must fall within the salary cap. 

To play visit Sign up, Fund your account, Go into a contest, Build your 11 man squad within your salary cap and Place your entering.