MTN Tours Lagos Streets, Sensitises on Wellness


As part of activities lined up for this year’s ‘21 Days of Y’ello Care’ initiative, a telecommunication company, MTN Nigeria has taken to Lagos streets to enlighten Nigerians on rhesus factor as well as situations leading to child mortality.
The staff of the company in their yellow T-shirt, walked in droves along the streets of Lagos Island as they engaged motorists, passersby, hawkers and others in a face-to-face health interaction. Fliers were also distributed as others entertained onlookers with their elegant dancing steps to drive home their messages.

 to the company, its health focus this year was prompted by high child mortality rate and the need to promote awareness on rhesus incompatibility.
Medics say that rhesus factor is a protein that can be found on the surface of red blood cells; the presence of this protein means one is RH positive, the absence means RH negative, and consequently rhesus incompatibility raises problems during pregnancy.
The Y’ello Walk began at the company’s Nigeria headquarters in Ikoyi, through Obalende and culminated at the headquarters with the very spirited employees spread awareness on gene deficiency.

The MTN ‘21 days of Y’ello Care’ initiative completes the company’s social investment policy embodied by its Foundation. The initiative is supported by staff efforts where employees define the social actions they want to execute, which they personally and materially invest in to execute.
This year’s programme is themed: ‘Creating a Brighter Future’ and the company would be focusing its effort on ensuring a better quality of life for Nigerians between June 1st and 21st.