Unending Blues of APC Congresses


It is a matter of public knowledge that the dust raised by the congresses of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has yet to settle, and this ranges from state to state, depending on the level of animosity that is prevalent in each of the states.

While in some states, the APC leadership has refused to recognise any of the EXCOs pending when the issues are resolved, others it recognised a bit late for reasons bordering on the same internal malcontents, said to have been occasioned by unhealthy contest for power.

The signs within the APC ahead of the national convention are not quite auspicious and they are ready-made spill-over. It does not mean the APC may not find a way round the convention, the best it would have is a patch-up that might not be sustainable and that would certainly have its consequences on the party as the national elections approach. However, if anything must change, the APC leadership must come up stronger to calm nerves.