Computer Village Concessionaire Assures Govt, Traders of Excellent Facilities


Emma Okonji

The concessionaire for the construction of the proposed world-class Kantagowa ICT Business Park, Bridgeways Global Projects Limited, has assured the Lagos State government and the Computer Village traders of excellent service delivery.

According to Bridgeways Global Projects Limited, the plan to build the ICT park in Kantagowa, a suburb of Lagos for the relocation of Computer Village from its current location in Otigba area of Ikeja as approved by the Lagos State government, is beyond providing another real estate for the relocation of the market.

The company said the Lagos Katangowa ICT Business Park plans to provide a world-class technology incubation platform to give entrepreneurs and businesses the opportunity to create value in development of technology software and hardware development.

In an attempt to expand the market, which is already choked by limited space for business transactions, the Lagos State government gave approval to Bridgeways Global Projects Limited, to develop a world-class market in Kotangowa market that is already occupied by petty traders. The move to relocate the Computer Village market has been ongoing but the Lagos State government has shown commitment to relocating the market, which has turned out to become a beehive of activities for traders and buyers of computer and electronic gadgets, including mobile phones and their accessories.

The Lagos State government concessioned the Katangowa ICT Business Park, located along the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway to Bridgeways Global Projects Ltd, for development of the ICT Business Park, as part of its plan to relocate the Computer Village Ikeja to a more befitting and purpose-built location.

Speaking on the grand plan for the ICT Park, Chief Executive Officer of Bridgeways Global Projects Limited, Jimmy Onyemenam said: “What we are developing in Katangowa will elevate the status of Lagos as a global technology location. It is far beyond providing real estate for the development of another Computer Village.”

He added: “The Katangowa ICT Business Park will also provide the infrastructure to incubate and accelerate the development of technology solutions that can improve development outcomes on the African continent.

“Within the technology developer community, we have found an abundance of curiosity, innate talent and passion in Nigeria. These developers can do with more infrastructure support to develop more solutions that are development-relevant especially in the areas of Education, Health and Agriculture.”

Pleased with the development, the Assistant Public Relations Officer of the Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN), the body managing the market, Mr. Presley Ibadin commended the Lagos State government for the relocation initiative, but called on Bridgeways Global Projects Limited, to always carry along, the CAPDAN executives in its developmental plans, to enable the body sensitise the generality of the traders who are anxious to get information about the relocation plan.

Ibadin said the relocation plan became necessary because the traders have expanded beyond the limited space in Otigba and needed a bigger space to transact business.
Onyemena also noted that the Katangowa ICT Business Park would also provide infrastructure for the manufacturing of technology hardware.

He said that with the visionary outlook of Governor Akinwumi Amode, the Katangowa ICT Business Park will also have the capacity to support the manufacturing of technology hardware like Computers, mobile phones, solar panels, health technology equipment, to mention a few.

“The ICT Business Park will also put Nigeria on the global call-centre value industry, which is expected to reach $9.7b in 2019, as we will be making provision for infrastructure that can support the delivery of globally competitive call-centre services”, he said.

The Katangowa ICT Business Park is proposed to be developed on a 15.7 hectares parcel of land. When completed, the ICT Business Park will comprise of over 3000 retail outlets of assorted sizes, a 4000-capacity k-klamps mall, 5,000 sitter exhibition hall and ICT incubator complex, assemblage/warehouses, and office accommodation.

The park will also include facilities like; a budget hotel, banking facilities, restaurants, helipad, OPD clinic, Police Station, Security and fire Service, electric power, portable water and sustainable waste management plants, among other facilities.