PDP: Debt Remains Only Legacy Fayemi Left for Ekiti People

Victor Ogunje in Ado Ekiti
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State has alleged that the only legacy traceable to former governor Kayode Fayemi and governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the July 14governorship election was the humongous and burdensome debt his government left as a burden to the Ekiti populace.
The party alleged that the debt under Fayemi was burdensome to the point that the state would have to be paying as much as N1 billion monthly till 2036, calling on Ekiti people to resist any attempt by Fayemi to stage a comeback and start pillaging the state’s commonwealth.
The PDP also described as senseless the statement made by the APC
castigating former President Goodluck Jonathan for his plaudits for the Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Ayo Fayose, over the construction of the 1.3km flyover in Ado Ekiti.
In a statement by the party’s state Publicity Secretary, Mr Jackson Adebayo, PDP said it was so disheartening that the APC has no credible legacy left during Fayemi’s reign, adding that, that accounted for the derisive defeat he suffered to Fayose in the June 21, 2014 poll.
Adebayo said: “How can the APC members and leaders in Ekiti appreciate good thing since God has deprived them the knowledge, wisdom and understanding to do good?
“It is not only ridiculous, but insensitive on the part of the APC leaders to condemn the construction of legacy projects such as the new Governor’s Office, the flyover, the High court and the King’s Market, among others. If they suffer from dementia, the good people of Ekiti do not and can compare and contrast their years of locust  with what
we have now.
“Ekiti people still remember vividly the big billboard put at the entrance of Ewi’s palace by Fayemi then to showcase his proposed new King’s Market. Where is that his market?
“Similarly, in one of the annual calendars that his inglorious administration printed, he put in the prototype of a flyover there.
Did he do it?
“Similarly, the APC and Fayemi said they would build a new Governor’s Office,  they went as far as scrapping a piece of land near the state secretariat at hundreds of millions of naira, but nothing
sprung up.
“The loan Fayemi took for these proposed projects from capital market
and commercial banks ended in the pockets of these gluttons. This is the debt which Fayose administration is paying now.
“The Fayose administration took step to give Ekiti people airport, but the jittery APC leaders incited the land owners to frustrate the project. The irony of it all is that, the APC in Ekiti is not committed to developing the state and will always want to frustrate who God has given wisdom to do it.”
According to PDP, Nigerians can’t be totally surprised at the opposition of APC to the endorsement of the flyover by Jonathan because no APC controlled state can boast of any tangible project
that can warrant endorsement by respected and meaningful statesman
like Dr. Jonathan.
“What their incompetent President Muhammadu Buhari has been
commissioning are wheel barrow and mangoes. Nigerians can now see who
is clueless between Jonathan and Buhari,” it said.
PDP noted that the amount being bandied about to be the cost of the
construction of the flyover is another indices of demonic insincerity of the Ekiti APC.
“The cost of the construction of the flyover which the government gave as below N7 billion is what the economic illiterate leadership of APC in Ekiti State has deliberately claimed to be N17 billion. All these projects were publicly tendered for by contractors and advertised in national newspapers,” it added.