SDP Berths in Abia, Vows to Uproot PDP in 2019


By Emmanuel Ugwu in Umuahia

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) has berthed in Abia State with the promoters saying that the party was the best alternative to provide good governance for the people of the state come 2019.

Leaders of the party believe that the SDP “is untainted” and therefore in a good stead to upstage the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and take over the government house Umuahia after the 2019 general election.

To popularise the party and build it to compete effectively in the political arena, the convener and interim leaders of the party has embarked on advocacy visits to prominent Abia people to drum up support for the party.

Former minister of foreign affairs, Senator Ike Nwachukwu, who receive the SDP leaders at his country home in Ovim in Isuikwuato local government of Abia state, endorsed the party and advised the promoters to make SDP truly democratic.

Nwachukwu, who was a PDP chieftain but retired from partisan politics in 2014, said that the bane of all the main stream political parties, especially PDP and APC was imposition of candidates and impunity hence SPD should avoid making the same mistakes.

“There is nothing like returning candidates unopposed in a democracy; the most popular person should be fielded for elective positions,” he said, adding that even when only one person stands for a particular position party members should still be allowed to cast votes to ratify the ticket.

He called on youths of Nigeria to rise and take their destiny in their own hands by contesting for elective positions, noting that the nation needed generational change as the old order had woefully failed the people, and has brought sufferings, underdevelopment and crisis.

“The old generation has not done well; if it had done well there won’t be Boko Haram, herdsmen menace, kidnappings as well as other terrorist and criminal activities pervading the land,” he said.

Chairman of the steering committee of SDP in Abia, Hon Chidi Nwosu said that the party was endowed with credible leaders that would develop Abia State, adding that it was high time the people of Abia rejected PDP and other parties and embrace SDP.

“SDP has arrived in Abia. We are going to recreate Abia and provide for eh citizens all that they need to live a meaningful life and realise their potentials after years of misrule, corruption and impunity.

He lamented that the only industry growing now in Abia was mortuary business, noting that “they spring up every day because death toll is rising as corruption and bad governance continue to thrive and spread hardships”.

In his remarks the SDP convener in Abia, Mr. Okechukwu Phillips, said that the party had resurrected and was poised to replace APC and PDP, as according to him, the two main parties “will die forever” and give way to people oriented party as represented by SDP.