Okorocha, a Drowning Man, Says Senator Anyanwu


Obinna Chima
Senator Chris Anyanwu has described Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State as a drowning man who has sown seeds of confusion and disenchantment within his own party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).
Anyanwu said this in a statement, while reacting to an earlier statement by Okorocha’s Media Assistant, Sam Onwuemedo, where the latter had responded to an interview by Anyanwu.

According to her, the Imo governor has frittered away the massive goodwill that brought him to power in 2011, to the extent that presently, despite being the Chairman of APC Governor’s Forum, he wasn’t able to oversee the successful conduct of his party’s congresses in the state.

“Due to his imperialistic and nepotic tendencies, he has sown seeds of confusion and disenchantment even within his own party, to the extent that the real stakeholders have decided to abandon him to drown alone in his wild dream of forcefully installing his son-in-law as his successor at Douglas House Owerri. “The ground on which he stands is helplessly caving in and he is at a loss on how to stay alive politically.

“Hence, since being outsmarted in the recent APC congresses, he has been running from pillar to post like a crying baby in a bid to cling to a lifeline which he hopes will save him from the impending judgment day which he will surely face as soon as he leaves Government House and is stripped of the garb of immunity in May next year.

“For such a man to cast aspersions on Senator Chris Anyanwu, who gave Owerri zone, indeed Imo State, documented and verifiable unparalleled representation at the Senate between 2007 and 2015, shows his lack of integrity and respect for facts,” she argued.
Anyanwu pointed out that if the governor read the interview that she granted one of the national dailies, he ought to have realised that she deliberately avoided assessing his governance, “which indeed has inflicted much pains and tears on the good people of Imo these past seven years.”
Reacting to the governor’s  statement about Hot FM, Anyanwu pointed out that the radio station was established in 2005, before she ventured  into politics in 2007.

“Again, his unkind reference to Imo State’s competent representative at the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), Dr Casmir Anyanwu, a first-class brain with Ph.D in international finance and accounts; a former Executive of Bankers Trust New York and former Managing Director of a reputable bank, who gave Rochas his first major financial break in life, proves the truism that bad people bite the very fingers that feed them.

“Okorocha should be man enough to put his house in order and stop looking for punching bags to ventilate his self-inflicted losses.
“Anyanwu does not believe in making frivolous statements. She is a stateswoman that weighs her words carefully and understands the power of the media. She will not speak now. She will not allow his infantile ranting to divert the attention of the world from the laughing stock he has turned Imo State to.

“He should stop his comic grandstanding and settle down in this last lap of his second term to palliate the sufferings of Imo indigenes, who have endured much hardship under his regime. “The same Imo indigenes will determine who rules them next year and they are determined now, more than ever to take back their state from Okorocha’s hegemony,” the statement added.