Doctor Turned International Hacker Arrested by Lagos Police

  • Nigerian banks are not secure-hacker

Chiemelie Ezeobi

One Michael Thompson, a medical doctor who turned his back on his practice of saving lives to become an international hacker, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command

The medical doctor turned hacker, who had been on the police wanted list, was finally arrested after he hacked into a businessman’s account and swiping off N28million.

Admitting to the crime, Williams who was paraded by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, yesterday, said: “I am the most notorious Nigerian Internet hacker. The police are not lying. I am a professional medical doctor.

“I have worked in Tolu Medical Centre and at the Eko medical hospital. But when I had a programme that would have enhanced my job, I was denied of the opportunity by my employer.

“Out of frustration I checked to Canada where I met a group of guys who taught me Internet hacking.”

“I can hack into any organisation, bank, corporate agencies, government account and anything hackable. My targets are international musicians and celebrities.

” I don’t know how much I am worth because I use credit cards to transact my business. I feel for Nigerian banks because they are not practicing real banking.

” Nigerian banks are not secured. If I want to hack into any bank I can clear their money anytime. Nigerian banks do not know that they need to hire professional hackers to protect their accounts.

“For instance I can buy something worth N40 million without paying a dime and still generate bank alert. The bank will still confirm the alert. I have the brain and I am not ashamed.

“I still want to warn Nigerian banks to step up to international standard. Every bank in advance country has a professional hackers that safeguard their banks for them period.”

On his arrest the CP said his office received a complaint that there was a syndicate that was swindling car dealers.

He said, “The syndicate goes to car shops, buys a car, configures a computer programme that will send a fake payment alert to the seller and by so doing, obtains a car under false pretences.

“He bought a car from one Adewole worth N28 million. He thereafter requested for the seller’s bank account and paid him with fake alert using HTTP

“The suspect sold the car another notable man in Asaba. The car and others have been recovered.

“The modus operandi of the suspect who has a mastery of cyber environment is that he creates a credit card through cyber ghost 12.

“When the credit card matures. It is then funded through a hacked Swiss account. Any transaction done through Swiss account, the suspect manipulates such and wires the fund to his contrived credit account.

“This is possible with the aid of cyber ghost 12 HTTP/tunnel.azintv4/vpn (virtual private network).

“The suspect stated that through the credit card, he could buy softwares to protect his job so that he cannot be traced. Such softwares are known as vpn and word cyber protector eg dare devil

“It also enable’s him to do deductions and transactions per dollar from every individual domiciliary account. He also can shot down CCTV camera on dare devil and break the 256 codes and words.,

“This enables him to shot down any working system of his interest on an internment sophistication eg YouTube/Facebook to make them unworkable for 67 minutes.

“Although, he is not a computer scientist, he claimed to be a professional hacker. The suspect would soon be charged to court.”