NNPC Selects Vitol, Trafigura, Sahara, Oando, 46 Others for Crude Term Contracts


Ejiofor Alike

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has issued the 2018/2020 crude export contracts to 50 local and international oil traders, including Vitol, Trafigura and Glencore, THISDAY has learnt.

THISDAY gathered that as part of the efforts to encourage local participation in the lifting contracts, the corporation selected 20 Nigerian companies, unlike in the 2017/2018 contracts where 18 Nigerian companies made the list.

Also, unlike the 2017/2018 contracts where all the contracts were for 32,000 barrels per day (bpd) except for Duke Oil Limited, the oil trading arm of NNPC which got a term contract for 90,000bpd, the crude allocations for the 2018/2020 contracts are for 30,000bpd.

According to the allocation paper seen by THISDAY which was signed by NNPC’s Group General Manager in charge of Crude Oil Marketing Division, Mr. Mele Kyari, each of the 50 companies would lift 950,000 barrels of crude oil in the two-year duration of the contracts, which would run from July 2018 to June 2020.

THISDAY gathered that apart from the three world’s largest oil traders, several local and international traders such as Total, Oando, Masters Energy, Sahara Group and NNPC’s Duke Oil also made the final list obtained by THISDAY.

Other beneficiaries of the two-year term contracts include MRS, Matrix Energy, Aipec, AMG, Arkleen, Augusta, Barbedos, BB Energy, Bono Energy, Calson, Cassiva, Cepsa, Cratos, Eterna Oil, Gladius Commodities, Hinstock, HPCL, Leighton, Levene, Litasco and Mocoh.

Also included in the list is Emadeb, a fast-growing Nigerian oil trader, AA Rano, North West, Ocean Bed (Sahara), Petraco, Petrogras, Propetrol, Prudent, Sacoil, SEER, Setana Energy, Setraco, Shoreline, Socar, Sonara, Ultimate Gas, Voyage, West African Gas, Zitts and Lords, ZR Energy (Trafigura) and Obat Oil & Gas.

The contracts would run for two years, unlike previous contracts, which were valid for one year.

Full List

1: AA Rano
2: Aipec
3: AMG
4: Arkleen
5: Augusta
6: Barbedos
7: BB Energy
8: Bono Energy
9: Calson
10: Cassiva
11: Cepsa
12: Cratos Energy
13: Emadeb
14: Eterna
15: Gladius Commodities
16: Glencore
17: Hinstock
18: HPCL
19: Leighton
20: Levene
21: Litasco
22: Masters energy
23: Matrix
24: Mocoh
25: MRS
26: North West
27: Oando
28: Ocean bed (Sahara)
29: Petraco
30: Petrogras
31: Propetrol
32: Prudent
33: Sacoil
34: Sahara
35: SEER
36: Setana Energy
37: Setraco
38: Shoreline
39: Socar
40: Sonara
41: Total
42: Trafigura
43: Ultimate Gas
44: Vitol
45: Voyage
46: West African Gas
47: Zitts and Lords
48: ZR energy (Trafigura)
49: Obat Oil & Gas
50: Duke Oil