DomainKing explains how to sell online with a website


If you have been looking to sell your products and services online, then we have good news for you. Nigeria’s leading web services provider DomainKing.NG brings their full website solution to encourage more small businesses to sell online.

With DomainKing’s all-in-one hosting packages, starting a website has become super easy & affordable. You can get your business on the web for a low as ₦300/month with your domain name, business emails & managed WordPress.

Why is it so Important to sell Online?

There are currently over 98.3 million internet users in Nigeria. This means that over half of our country’s population is now online. So your potential customers could be looking for your products & services on the web & Google.

Having a website can give you reach to these Nigerian customers & also users throughout the world.

Commenting on this initiative DomainKing’s spokesperson said “We are committed to offer innovative & highly affordable solutions to help small businesses to have an online presence and grow.  Setting up a website or your online store is the first step that every small business must take to grow and we are fully committed to support them.”

“With our hosting packages, we offer complete solution required for creating and managing business websites at a very affordable cost. You will get a web hosting account with 2GB disk space, free domain, secure SSL and, no traffic limits with fully managed WordPress for just ₦300 per month“,  added DomainKing’s CEO Karan Singh.

How to get started?

Onboarding with DomainKing is quite easy, and you can start selling online with your website in 30 minutes. You will need to start with 2 things:

  • A domain name: First of all, you will need to buy domain name for your website. It is your business name on the website and the address of your website on internet such as You can choose from a wide variety of extensions such .com and, But .ng domain is recommended if you are making a website for Nigerian audience.
  • Web Hosting: The 2nd second step it to setup a web hosting account for your website. It is a storage space on a server where all your website data such as html files, images etc. will be stored. It is important to use a web hosting in Nigeria for your website so that you get faster page load speed.

Once you have your domain & hosting it is very easy to setup the next steps. Creating a website to attract new customers or an online store used to be a web designer’s task but with software like WordPress anyone can easily get online. It has become really easy to create online store & that too in minutes. Thanks to free plugins like Wocommerce that lets you to easily create your own ecommerce stores with ease without having to pay anything extra. You can easily start selling your products within a few hours after setting the product categories and pages on your store website.

“There are currently over 39 million MSMEs in Nigeria out of which merely 0.1% has adopted the technology in their businesses. With our affordable hosting plans and detailed guides, every business can create their website on their own & within their budget,” added Karan.

Three web hosting plans on DomainKing are made for every kind of website needed by enterprises. Soldier Plan is for basic websites with low resource demands where speed is the key. Minister Plan is for fast-growing business portals and small ecommerce stores where performance is desired. The King hosting plans is made for advanced ecommerce stores, high traffic business portals with high resource demands.

What is DomainKing Nigeria?

DomainKing is a leading websites solution provider in Nigeria with wide range of services from domain names, web hosting to online security suites. Since its launch in 2014, it has helped over 18,000 small businesses and professional to start their successful websites.