Untold Story About Late Arisekola’s Properties 


Until he passed on, the late Aare Musulumi of Yorubaland,  Azeez Alao Arisekola, was very wealthy and influential.
In his 20s, the Ibadan, Oyo State-born industrialist had established a chain of businesses under the Lister conglomerate, which cut across food production, real estate management, insurance, transport and publishing.
He was well loved by many people and musicians sang his praise to high heavens due to his magnanimity.
But as soon as the man of means and honour died in 2014, trouble began to rear its ugly head.

In particular, his properties, which were a big attraction then, began to suffer neglect.  His most cherished mansion in his hometown, where he had played host to presidents, heads of state, governors, ministers as well as many prominent people, is now a shadow of itself.
“The expansive estate has lost its glory, as rodents have taken over the place. The building is not only dirty, but also in total disrepair,’’ a source disclosed.
Our source further disclosed that the reason for the abandonment of this expansive building and many others is not unconnected with the controversy that arose over his vast estate barely a year after he passed on. How?
His will, which was certified by the Oyo State High Court in August 2013, was reportedly administered a couple of days after his burial last year by Dr. Oba Otudeko.
The properties were shared among his 32 children, three wives, three relations as well as some individuals.

Sources close to the family claimed that credit institutions that granted Arisekola funds  are now literally at the neck of the family, owing to his inability to offset  the debts before his demise.
As a result, the banks, Spy glass gathered, have concluded plans, following a court order, to confiscate most of the properties used as collaterals.
Although the majority of these properties have been inherited by children and families as stated in his will, it was gathered that the banks are set to take possession of them in order to offset the loans Arisekola had taken.