Texem Leadership Seminar Holds in Lagos

Texem UK, a reputable consulting firm in the United Kingdom will this week hold a seminar in Lagos to help leaders learn to create success through a tailored executive development programme titled ‘Building Successful Organisations that Endure: Aligning Purpose, Process, Performance, and People’. Set for May 2 and 3 at the Eko Hotel and Suites, key presentations will be delivered by Prof. Pawan Budhwar, Editor in Chief of British Academy of Management, the world’s leading management journal.

After many years of partnering Nigerian executives to develop more effective and efficient organisations, Texem aims to ensure that leaders, teams and organisations in Nigeria successfully harness the limited opportunities in these tough times, stimulate innovation and emerge as winners.

According to Pawan who has offered consultancy services to hundreds of firms globally, “A successful organisation can be defined in a variety of ways depending on a given stakeholder’s viewpoint.

“There are few ways of building an enduring organisation; these include: by embedding resilience in their businesses, can act fast to respond to forces of change (e.g., competition, demands, technological advancements, etc.), continuously transforming by developing new competence and capabilities. “Others are by minimising the gap between intention and needed actions, having proactive and agile leadership, having a strong culture aligned to a clear vision, providing extraordinary returns of key stakeholders on an ongoing basis, amongst others.”

This seminar will also enable executives network with key stakeholders while receiving world-class training from Pawan. The Professor has decades of research on world-class organisational best practice principles which he plans to share with executives at the forthcoming training to ensure attendees build and maintain organisation that will last beyond a lifetime.

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