Ghana Grants Aero Approval to Maintain Country’s Aircraft


Chinedu Eze

The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has given Aero Contractors Authorised Maintenance Organisation (AMO) certification to conduct checks on Boeing B737 Classics.

This means that Aero can conduct maintenance on aircraft registered in Ghana up to C-check, as the Nigerian company has said that its goal was to receive such approval from all the countries in West Africa so that the maintenance organisation would now effectively provide service to aircraft in the sub-region.

“We are happy to announce that Ghana Civil Aviation Authority has given us certification to conduct checks on Boeing B737 Classics up to C-check on their aircraft, which is a major achievement. Now that we are certified by Ghana CAA, we are going to start working with Cameroonian CAA. I said in my speech when we unveiled the first aircraft we conducted checks on that we are going to get the approval of all the countries in West Africa,” Aero Contractors CEO, Captain Ado Sanusi said.

He said that the company has also started moved to also conduct maintenance on Boeing B737 New Generation (NG) aircraft up to the level of B-Check.

“We have also started looking at providing maintenance up to B-check for new generation Boeing aircraft. if we want to do c-check on that line of aircraft it means we are going to get a bigger hangar. We are looking at collaborating with Nigeria Air Force (NAF) and use their hangar for that. What is important is that we have the manpower to do it and we have done it before.

“It is like when you have a production factory, you need to add more materials to migrate from the production of small bottles to bigger bottles. You just need to change a little bit of your setting before you start producing bigger bottles. So it is the same thing. We have just got the flow pattern of the C-check, using different tools, different pattern and different engineers to do it. We are also willing to do Airbus,” Sanusi added.