Experts Harp on the Nutritional Value of Soya Beans


Nutritionists agree that soya bean is one of the most consumed legumes in the world. The reason for this is not far-fetched as it has many essential nutrients that maintain and improves human health. Soya bean is highly revered as a good meal source for people who are on diet. Its protein content enhances metabolic functions in the body and thus helps to improve human health, ensuring that human cells are well repaired. It also helps with weight reduction and protects people from diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
Soya bean also contains vitamins like; vitamin c, vitamin k, riboflavin, folate, vitamin B6 and thiamin. Potassium, calcium, copper, phosphorous, manganese, selenium and zinc are some of the other minerals that can be derived from soya beans. Regular intake of soya beans helps in the prevention of cancer due to its high level of antioxidants. Its protein content makes it a choice meal that spreads around various markets across Nigeria.

Its high vitamin and mineral content ensures healthy bones even during old age. Another benefit of soya beans is its effectiveness in aiding the functioning of the heart by lowering the total cholesterol level in the body thus preventing heart attack or stroke. With its fibre content, soya beans also helps in boosting digestion and aids metabolism. Soya bean seed can be used in making different foods; including soy milk, textured vegetable protein and soya bean oil.

Since oil is a staple ingredient for the preparation of meals, it is advisable to cook with oils made from soya bean for the prevention of heart disease and for low cholesterol intake. Grand Pure Soya oil from the stables of Grand Cereals Limited is made from carefully selected soya beans seeds. It does not contain cholesterol and it is the first cooking oil to be endorsed by the Nigerian Heart Foundation (NHF) and the Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN).

According to Mr. Monjanrin Sunday, RSM (Edible South West), Grand Cereals, Grand Pure Soya Oil is obviously the foremost brand of soya oil in Nigeria and remains one of the leading brands across the country. Grand Pure Soya Oil is available in 0.75 litres, 2.75 litres, 3.75 litre PET bottles and 4 litres, 10 litres and 18 litres jerry-cans. It is available in supermarkets, online shopping malls and open markets across the country.