De Beautiful Beginning School Celebrates Int’l Cultural Day


Funmi Ogundare

De Beautiful Beginning (DBB) Private School, Magodo, Lagos recently held its International Cultural Day, where pupils turned out in various colourful attires representing 15 countries, including Nigeria, to make presentations on the countries they represent.

The programme, designed to enable the children know what is happening around them, saw them showcasing dance and music, as well as the costume, cuisine and culture of the countries they represent to the admiration of their parents and other guests. It was a competition of sort as the children tried to outshine one another.

In her remarks, the Director of the school, Mrs. Olubukola Ogunleye said aside knowing what is happening around them, the pupils would be able to learn and appreciate what other countries do.

“Some of them have travelled out of the country and when they travel, they just visit some places, but this time around, we go in-depth and understand the cultures of these countries.”

On the lessons to be learnt from the children’s performance, she said, “they have been able to study many countries, they have seen how they do things. The children are our future and when they learn all these things now, by the time they get there, they would learn to appreciate the things that are there, for instance orderliness that you don’t get here are in Nigeria. They would want to imbibe that.”

Reacting to the performance and presentation of the children, Ogunleye said, “they did very well and from what I have seen so far, they acted as if they had gone into these countries and from the way they sang the national anthem, I am sure they enjoyed it.

She said her school promotes the Nigerian culture as often as possible, adding, “each time we are having a programme like this, we promote the culture. Last year, we had a programme at the MUSON Centre, Lagos and it was on our culture. The children did a presentation and they were able to dramatize the poem and even acted out different cultures too. Before the end of this session, we did the same thing and we also held a programme on corruption.”

She advised the children to be focused saying, “on a day like this, we have learnt cultures of different countries and the beautiful things they do in these countries, so these children too should learn these things and in future, when they grow up, they become good leaders and our parents who have seen these performance should encourage their children to grow on the right path.”

The founder of Goje Africa Foundation, Mr. Isaac Moses, who was one of judges, expressed delight about the children’s performance saying, “from what I have seen, it’s being wonderful.”

Based on their performance, the pupils who represented Nigeria emerged came first, while those that represented United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Canada came second and third respectively.