Ex-beauty Queen, Tokoni Atin’s Rising Profile   


Tokoni Atin shot to the limelight when she emerged a beauty Queen in 2014. It was like a golden opportunity, which she literally grabbed with both arms.
Interestingly, the former beauty queen has done so well for herself after her reign.
In particular, hard-working Atin has successfully executed her elderly care initiative project, in addition to becoming a respected model at home and abroad.
A few years after the expiration of her tenure, she launched an upscale beauty company known as Amaryllis Skincare Limited, which has wowed many celebrities across Nigeria.
As part of activities to celebrate her birthday, the fashionable beauty queen, last Saturday, hosted her friends, associates and family to a classy dinner at Metro Cafe and Grill.

Determined to give birth to the society that made her, the runway delight has started a skincare training to empower young entrepreneurs who may wish to toe her line.
Already, she is said to be enjoying patronage from top politicians, First Ladies as well as businesswomen.
Also, the beautiful lady is spreading her tentacles beyond the shores of this country with her new role as a business consultant for some international organisations like Foreign Investment Network (FIN) and Lennex, United Kingdom.