Conjugal Course…Zahra Buhari-Indimi is Expectant


A mother’s joy begins when a new life is stirring inside her womb. Ask Zahra Indimi, the beautiful daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari, she knows. Only Ahmed and his wife, Zahra, know what it is about their union that drives them to perpetuate one of the most enviable and durable signs of love.

It is simply romantic to see the couple holding hands or sharing smiles in public, oblivious to the world and its many distractions. They got married last year in a private wedding ceremony. And to prove their commitment, abiding love for each other, and to increase the population of Nigeria, Zahra, we gathered is expecting Indimi’s baby.

The ever-smiling Zahra is completely besotted by her hubby and says this baby is evidence of their made-in-heaven love affair.

Casting a probing look at the ever reticent Zahra when sighted at an event recently, it was glaring to all wandering eyes that she has been noticeably put on a 9-month maternal course by Ahmed through a legitimate conjugal collaboration. Looking so robust and bigger than her pre-marital figure, the widely acknowledged self-disciplined lady was cynosure of all eyes as onlookers turned their attention on her and began to make some biological permutations. Married last year, one could not say with all sense of assuredness that the baby occupying her womb is not more than three months old. Looking lost in her own joyous mood, she was full of life and so expectant of the bundle of joy waiting to be delivered later this year.