‘Just Before I Do’ Makes History as Premiere Tickets Sold Out


The movie, ‘Just Before I Do’, which has been dubbed the most unique story out of Nollywood, took things a notch higher when it attempted to sell tickets for the movie premiere. It was deemed a crazy fit as it has not been done before but the organisers were sure of their product and went ahead with their plans. Consequently, the premier ticket has sold over 1000 tickets already with more people on the line hoping there will be room for them to be part of the first set of people to see the movie.

This will definitely be going in the history books as the first Nollywood movie to sell tickets for her premiere in Nigeria and sell out all halls which will be used for the screening. The movie is set to be premiered and released simultaneously across cinemas on Friday, April 13.

‘Just Before I Do’ tells the story of an unmarried couple whose love was torn in-between through the influence of a conniving mother in law. No one would suspect until the end. Most Nollywood stories run almost on the same plot giving the audience everything even before the movie elapse. However, ‘Just Before I Do’ stands tall.

Omowunmi Dada, Eddie Watson, Omilani Oluyinka, Chief Jide Kosoko, Kalu Ikeagwu, Shaffy Bello, Afeez Oyetoro (Saka), Judith Audu and more are few of the stellar cast that brought spice to the movie.

While reacting to the development, the producer, Mr Omilani Oluyinka said they were shocked that the idea of selling the premiere tickets worked.

“We did not set out to make history of being the first to sell ticket and fill all halls for our premiere. It was a decision we had to take to curtail the numbers but we were shocked to realise that we now have more than the numbers we would have catered for had the premiere being made free. We are grateful to God and we hope others who cannot join the premiere will visit the cinemas immediately after the premiere to see the movie. It is a decision they will not regret,” he said.